Ryan Sessegnon - Out of his depth? or The next Gareth Bale?

  • Currently hold R.Sessegnon had not sure if i should sell up or hold.

    Hasn't really hit the ground running at Spurs but Bale had a shaky start too.

    £1.76 - English - 19 years old

    Mourino doesn't always risk playing youth
    Has not started well.



    At this moment in time I wouldn't necessarily say there's a right or wrong answer in selling him - it could go either way.

    I certainly don't think he's the next Gareth Bale although he's been injured quite a bit this season so he's got to start somewhere I suppose!

  • @MRJONB Could have been a contender....

    Unfortunately, I think he has now missed the boat.

    Should be gaining playing experience in this vital age for his development.

    I think he goes the same way as I think Hudson-Odoi will go - early promise, that was never fulfilled.

  • Never got the fascination with him at Fulham personally. Had a decent season at Championship level but didn't even remotely stand out when they played in the Premier League.

    He's not really a left back, and he's not really a left winger.

    Then again he is only a kid so there could be improvement in him. Despite what I've said he's young and English so he may have price growth in him so i'd hold on to him. If he starts in Spurs first game back he'll probably jump 15p.

  • @MRJONB said in Ryan Sessegnon - Out of his depth? or The next Gareth Bale?:

    Mourino doesn't always risk playing youth

    Bought him at 110p whilst at Fulham, held for over 12 months & sold for 220p a few months ago when they had an injury crisis & Mourinho still didn't fancy him (or Parrott). Either needs to go out on loan, which looks like a sideways if not backwards step, or a change of manager, which whilst unlikely you never can tell with Jose!

    He's been a good trade for me but being honest I wouldn't rebuy at 170p unless something about his prospects changed, might be tempted around 110-120p.

  • Not the next Gareth Bale. Under Pochettino he may have progressed but I'm not sure the special one's style will suit him.

    In fact, I am wary of buying any young Spurs players at the moment. I don't think mouriniho's style of play lends itself to them.

    I do hold Kane and Son though.

  • Needs to pull his finger out I was expecting much better but prepared to give him time to develop and play a full season.

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