Luis Suarez

  • Thoughts?
    Reasonable price, going to World Cup plays for a quality team that will be in Champions League next season.
    A good purchase?

  • Everything you say is true and I certainly wouldn't say he's a bad buy. Bit of a similar case to what I mentioned about Firmino in the Lewandowski v Firmino thread though - Suarez is competing with Messi for PB every game at Barca which keeps his price down, and then there is a more even battle with Cavani internationally. Will be interesting to see which comes out on top when FI Edge gets around to releasing the Uruguay data.

  • I think he'll get the media edge for Uruguay as the UK papers still remember the days he was awesome at Liverpool. Ive had him since day dot and he's not moved upwards much so that means not much interest for obvious reasons like playing second fiddle to the Messi buzz and at 31 where does he go post Barca?

    Uru have Egypt, Russia and Saudi Arabia in their group though so it would be a massive upset if they don't get out of that... Can certainly see a hat-trick for either Cavani or Suarez along the way but if I was a betting man (and I am) I would tip Cavani to out score him?

  • @dannypea oh I'll challenge you on that mate. I fancy Suarez to outscore Cavani. Just feel he's a more predatory type striker. Nothing away from Cavani tho as he's still world class

  • @John-Renwick Suarez is a much better finisher. I'd back him to score 9 times out of 10, Cavani is an enigma, scores unbelievable goals and misses sitters. I wouldnt back him to finish more than 1 in 2 but his movement is incredible and he gives himself about 20 chances a game so you can forgive him the occasional howler.

    Not seen much of Uraguay recently but I would guess Suarez' better all round game will mean he ends up a little more withdrawn and he is tasked with being the creator although the stats don't back that up.

    Very similar records for the national team slightly favouring Suarez. Suarez is 49 from 94 and Cavani is 40 from 96.

    I wish we had this issue with English strikers. No England fan is asking which of our two world class forwards will score more?

  • @Ozzlebert you sure definitely heard something similar about Sterling Wellbeck and barn doors

  • @toaster-poster Wellbeck 15 from 37 (admittedly very good) and Sterling 2 from 37. Not yet in the same class. The question is probably 'can anyone other than Kane score?'

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