Chelsea's line-up/depth (particularly in midfield)

  • Hi all, I have a few Chelsea players but not sure how prominent they'll feature - was wondering how people think they'll line up both for the remainder of this season as well as when Ziyech arrives?

    The midfield seems stacked - Kante, Jorginho, Kovacic, Pulisic, Mount, RLC, Barkley etc etc. Is Kante the only one really nailed on?

    And up front too, I note Giroud has recently signed an extension. Does this mean that they're unlikely to dabble in the market? Have they got behind Abraham? Should we get behind Abraham?!

  • Kante will not return due to his family heart problems. Jorginho suspended for the first game. Lampard doesn't favour Kovacic all that much in the deep role.

    Midfield 3 will be (at the start of the rest of season), Gilmour, RLC, mount (maybe Barkley/ Kovacic depending on RLC fitness/sharpness as Barkley plays well with the much higher tempo Gilmour sets so it stops him thinking which is his major problem)

    Ziyech/Pulisic will be the long term first choice wingers, CHO won't play for the rest of the season due to his situation. Willian is on the way out an i believe Pedro terminated his contract. Obviously it depends on how fit/sharp Ziyech is when he joins up.

    Upfront, Giroud will be cover, Michy is nothing and Broja will be the third choice striker going forward and IF he performs could take over from Giroud as second choice. Tammy will be the main man up front partly because he has played with half the academy players for a long time. Giroud will leave in the summer though most likely and Chelsea will look for another striker depending on how Broja develops.

  • @FootballArgos id say Giroud is the back up and Abraham is first choice if the bring in another striker i reckon it will be to offer squad rotation with Abraham and Giroud will remain that back up, atm i think his contract extension is the safety net if the dont manage to land another striker.

    That midfield is pretty competitive, they arent struggling for options there. Will be interesting to see what happens as it will be hard to keep that dressing room happy

  • @London-Is-Blue Clearly you have more knowledge of Chelsea than myself but the way I saw it was that the first choice midfield 3 would be Jorginho, Kante and Mount. With Kovacic and Gilmour rotating. With Barkley and RLC phased out.

    Certainly think Ziyech and Pulisic will be Lampard's preferred wide men.

  • They need a striker.

  • Thanks for the answers! One of my holds is Pulisic but he's actually my smallest hold so sounds like topping up may be sensible. Time for the ME to help a brother out!

  • I'm not keen on buying a player on a PB basis if there not the dominant PB player at thier own club. As you suggested the Chelsea midfield is stacked and there is no clear case for whom will rack up the highest PB scores consistantly, especially with Ziyech coming in also.

    I would suggest holding players whom also have a MB chance from that Chelsea midfield given the PB competition is quite high.

  • If Mount puts a few good pb scores in he will rocket. 21 and English looks cheap compared to the likes of foden and actually plays.

  • @Splurger_Dan He’s already shown his potential at the beginning of the PL season, just needs to become more consistent and he’ll be a top hold on FI. I agree with you, as soon as he shows glimpses of his potential his price will close the gap on the likes of Foden. He’s over a pound off his peak and I look forward to him returning, just a question of how much can I top up before he rises.

  • @JonesyFI-WH RLC has been out for a long time so people forget how good he really is. The way he can progress the ball from deep like Kovacic is incredible, the guy is built like a tank but moves like a ballerina. The most important thing he has that Kovacic doesn't is end product. The guy can shoot and he can create when needed, we have missed him massively this season.

    Kante is difficult because i love him as does everyone in the world i'm pretty sure he is the nicest happy go-lucky hard working footballer i think i have ever seen, but he is nearly 30, his engine will not go on for much longer imo and this season he has been completely destroyed by injuries (resulting from playing through an injury in the Europa final IIRC), he is not the same player and weather that is down to injury or age, I don't know. If you pay attention he is a yard slower, he misses more tackles and he is off the pace. I would love for him to get back to the Kante every football fun knows and loves but i'm not sure he will and he is a bit like Kovacic he can dribble progress the ball from deep etc but offers very little to no end product, there are a lot of Chelsea fans who believe now is the time to cash in on Kante with the Real Madrid interest.

    Mount is the one Midfielder who offers something none of the others do and that's his ability to start the press, so he is nailed on to start. Gilmour has offered more than Jorginho in the Jorginho role both defensively and offensively in the few games he has played and Jorginho is suspended for the first game back which opens the door for Gilmour, if Gilmour performs like he has (and i'm not the only Chelsea fan saying this) Jorginho won't get his place back and will be the rotation.

  • @London-Is-Blue do agree with your assessment of RLC. Thought he was excellent when he went on loan to Palace but just a shame that the injuries keep stacking up and thought Lampard may lose patience.

    Cant help but love Kante mate :)

    Surprised you think Gilmour may be a regular already. A lot of pressure and expectation to put on an 18 year old's shoulders to be playing in a such a key position for a team challenging for a Champions League place. Don't get me wrong I think he has fitted straight in and is clearly a very talented kid and is mature beyond his years but quite often with the younger players they suffer a dip in form and i'm not too sure if it's a bit too much too soon for him (though Lampard clearly trusts his kids). I liken it to the way Tomori started the season for example but then found himself on the sidelines.

    Thought Jorginho would maybe hold his position down and mentor Gilmour over the rest of this season and next and then slot into that position much more comfortably with the added experience.

  • @JonesyFI-WH

    The problem is Jorginho is a Regista, it's a niche role. Lampard does not play a Regista and Gilmour fits the system better part of the problem with Chelsea has been the slow moving of the ball and the slow tempo of the game and so far Gilmour when playing in that role has created a much higher tempo. Jorginho also gives away a foul almost every time he tackles at the moment (hence his current suspension) Gilmour despite being young and small does not.

    Gilmour was meant to be nurtured to take over that role over the coming season/season like you said but due to the injury crisis we had during the season Lampard had to rush through his development and he has taken to it and does not look out of place.

    I think and i could be wrong but Chelsea paid a record fee for Gilmour when they signed him from rangers (for his age) and they were looking at signing his brother as well as Chelsea tend to do. I say all of this as a Jorginho holder as well.

    You mention Tomori but it could go the other way, Reece James and Mount are both starters now and both younger than Tomori. If young players are ready and a better fit for the system you have to continue to play them.

  • @London-Is-Blue cheers for your input mate. Think you may've convinced me to invest in some Gilmour ;)

  • Gilmour is a no brainer at the moment, considering Jorginho is out for the first game. There will be some much hype around him in 2 weeks

  • Gilmour for me is what the team will be built around going forward, an absolute gem and a complete steal for what they paid.

  • @trig I do agree (as long as Lampard is the manager), Gilmour 25 times cheaper than Ross Barkley and already 25 times the player.

  • anyone thoughts on Kante? I own a very small holding but thinking about next euros

  • Gilmour or Curtis Jones hmm 🤔 Gilmour will get more game time, but Curtis Jones seems like he could have more of a game suited to PB

  • @ChazFI123 I'm 100% impartial and because of that fact Gilmour is the only way to go.

  • I not a Chelsea fan but I did see this kid at Rangers, I honestly believe he will be the best young player in the league if not already. The kid has also goals in him and can play attacking midfield, a potential Gerrard or Lampard!!!

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