• I posted this in another thread, but figured I would post it here so that:

    1. Anyone who still likes me can see it
    2. It doesn't derail the other thread and
    3. It feeds my appetite for attention!

    For my part I am going to be taking a big back seat on the forum. My views are clear and rehashing them is not going to make people see my view. All I can do is play FI to make the most money I can and de-risk to my own level. But I will do so with my held high that I am have not taken advantage of anyone and I have been as honest with my views as I can. No-one know this but I am actually holding a shit dead-end player that I CAN instant sell. I refused so far, because that would mean me simply passing a dead bet onto someone else, and I stand by what I say, even though it costs me money. I now feel I can sell it on and leave someone else to pick up the pieces. (I guess that is why I am so aggrieved with certain trolls, I am telling how I see it at the cost of my own personal money, whilst being hammered by people who are looking out for themselves. They know who they are.) I will now sell that player on, knowing I have done all I can to do the right thing. But I cannot keep posting on this forum without being honest in myself. I can't not speak the truth as I see it. As such, it is time that this is my end. I leave with my head held high.

    This will be my last day on the forum properly. It coincides with going back into the classroom. When I come home, I will be self-isolating from my own family and my own daughter. I will therefore use this time to pop on and read posts, maybe say hi on a couple of threads. But I will be using other forms of communication now. I feel it is best for the forum, which has been a large part of my life over the past 16 months.

    I wish you all well.


  • Keep in touch. Good luck back in the classroom!

  • @MrWh1te I give it 48 hours . 😂. If not bye and good luck 👋🏻

  • @Westy
    Thanks mate, I will still be on your forum :)

  • @MrWh1te it seems I've enjoyed your stuff more than some others (probably cos I share similar views to you) so you'll be missed by me mate. Take care.

  • That's a shame mate you will be missed see you on the other place thou

  • Only been on the platform a short while but yours was probably the name that I was becoming most familiar with having made some astute/fair comments. Maybe see you in a year when I’ve made my millions (Or £113.00 or something!)

  • Good luck matey . Not agree with plenty you have said but feel you have said it with honesty passion and integrity . Good luck .

  • @MrWh1te sorry to see this, hopefully it's only temporary and were debating again soon 😉. In fact one last one, why would it matter if you IS to another user? They've placed the bet thinking different to you maybe and are prepared to take that chance. You could of market sold and surely that's even worse for the other user if he really is that bad 😅.

    Good luck mate, stay safe in your job.

  • @Shippers
    I don't think he would have market sold, I had previously had him up and no-one touches him :p

    It is about practising what I preach. I have made a big thing about these players becoming unsellable, so I can't just drop him on someone else.
    Don't forget, most people don't read forums etc. Hence why the trending/pump and dumpers were so effective. I know, if I had sold him on, I would have just been dumping him on someone who doesn't know better.

  • @MrWh1te I wouldnt necessarily take that concept mate, what was the initial reason you bought if you don't mind me asking?

  • @Shippers
    He is in the media a lot and just one article getting picked up could have spiked, combined with a small chance of him coming back to a PB league. Turns out no media that is logged for MB are interested in him.

    I bought him knowing I would be able to IS and was only risking 2p per share, but it backfired for obv reasons.

  • While your taking questions .
    I need to ask you on your sig whats the deal with obi Mikel .
    Is that a bit of humour or a share you bought?

  • @MickTurbo get that heartwarming rendition of con te partiro ready?

    Mr White... I'll see you on Slack on Monday at some point 🙊

    forum hasn't been a friendly or helpful place for a while so I'm sure taking a back seat will be peaceful!

  • @BMCG
    That is the guy we were just talking about. There is a thread on it if you search £100 challenge

  • @Vespasian32
    Yeah I will be on slack but evenings and lunch breaks only

  • @MrWh1te
    Ok thanks ... I can see how your stuck on that player....age would not be in his favour.
    Best of luck with going back to work and all and keep the faith .

  • @MrWh1te I've still 2 Mikel staring back at me I my port haha. Goodluck going back to school, I imagibe it'll be a bit unusual for a while

  • Good luck and stay safe. I have managed to stay out of most of the forum politics recently, even from the sidelines it hasn't been pretty viewing and pretty embarrassing so I am also spending less time on here. Hate to think what it looks like to a new user. All the best...

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