Undervalued Prem players

  • I recently deposited some money for restart of prem but feel I may have missed the boat on most of the prem players, anyone feel any still look like value (pushing towards sterling atm) or have any which haven’t already increased?

  • @PompeyFc Get yourself on the Italian league is my advice for what it’s worth.

  • @PompeyFc many of the top teams players have soared already, particularly the youth. Foden, Martinelli, Rash, Greenwood. I predicted, though not publicly, that harvey Elliott would rise next. I now think you could see a big rise in Troy Parrott or maybe Tammy or Pulisic. (Hold none)

    But that's just because they will, not because they really look like value to me. In terms of value, I loaded up on Tierney and Cancelo this morning. Neither have really had a bounce yet, maybe Tierney a little, and both had their prices really suppressed pre-COVID and could both become massively more valuable with more favourable circumstances going forward

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