European draw and prices

  • So do people think there will be any price movement based on tomorrow's draw. I can see some movement on who ever draws Roma for champ league. Could see similar in europa

  • @Noirx4 Yeah I'm inclined to agree, but less pronounced than last time with max. three games to go and all teams in both competitions having shown they are definitely no mugs. If Real draw Bayern and Atletico get Arsenal I wouldn't expect any big rises really. Atleti-Salzburg and Real-Roma might cause a bit more movement.

  • Could see decent movement on Marseille-Salzburg too. Although it would be tight both teams have dirt cheap players with reasonable PB scores.

  • I'm guessing it'll be Real Madrid v Liverpool in the CL semi and Arsenal v Atletico in the EL not because (like many) I believe that there is a conspiracy to get English clubs out.... But because I think the inevitable backlash from the twittersphere will be hilarious!!!!

    Although like Noir says whoever draws Roma will probably see an increase in their player price as folk lump on the opposition and should Arsenal draw Salzburg I think you might see a few quid on the gooners flops too!

  • Liverpool get roma and already the prices are up. Result!

  • Salah back to Rome - some more MB guaranteed alongside the treble PB possibilities

  • MAY THE DROP CONTINUE - I'm delighted at the drop in Athleti players, huge top up from me after them drawing Arsenal over two legs with the second leg back in Spain! After watching Arsenal last night and the fact that Auba and Miki are out of both of these games I only see it going one way.

    Really interested in peoples thinking on selling players such as Koke who has potential to go on and win the Europa league and have a impact for Spain at the World Cup??

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