How do you find out what days are treble buzz?

  • How do u find out what days are treble buzz days

  • @NewUser92251 news page. Wait for it to cycle through the various articles till it gets to the right one


  • Thanks mate, I must of been losing out on loads of 2nd and 3rd place media buzz and not knowing nearly every time I have to email to get mine transferred to me so if I don't no it's treble I just don't get it, seems wrong to me

  • @NewUser92251 it's only triple media on non match days...
    On match days it's single media so you're not losing out

  • @NewUser92251 so this week is single and treble match days. Treble media days were two weeks ago when no matches.

  • So on match days treble buzz is paid in the top 3 forwards, mid and defenders, ?and when there's no games treble media buzz is awarded to

  • @NewUser92251 No mate
    Treble media day = 1st in MB ranking 8p, 2nd 5p, 3rd 2p
    Treble PB day = Top GK/Def 12p, Top Mid 12p, Top Fwd 12p, Star Player an extra 6p. 5p for 1st in media rankings
    Double PB day = As treble but 8p each with 4p extra for Star. 5p for 1st in media rankings
    Single PB day = 4p for top in each position, 2p extra for star. 5p for 1st in media rankings

  • think the easiest way of explaining is 'treble matchdays' pay the player that tops the dividends that night treble the price.. so if Ronaldo is top forward instead of 4p per future you get 12p. As any other matchday... you get nothing for coming second or third... Only 1st in Performance Buzz.

    Basically without going into too much detail... A treble day is usually when everyone plays (like a Sat or Sun or when it's a busy midweek programme) and a single matchday is usually a Mon or a Fri when they'll prob be just 1 or 2 crappy French or Spanish games kicking around.... A double matchday is somewhere in between....

    If there's no games on it'll be a triple media day but you don't get triple the price for winning... instead the top three players of that day get the dividends!!!!

    Confused.... I am too!

  • Thanks people, think I'm almost there with it now without this forum I'd be screwing thinking Iv been swindled out of my divs or thinking where's that extra money come from!! Big help peeps

  • @NewUser92251
    The forum is the place to be 👍

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