Using the Sell Queue & Matching Engine in parallel

  • something ive just noticed....

    If you try to make a bid on a player that you already have in the sell queue - You get this message

    If you do it the other way round, ie if you have an existing bid on a player where you already have existing shares in him, you can put him in the sell queue.

    So you could potentially be looking to sell a player at market price whilst at the same time looking to buy in with a low ball offer on the same player.

    Im not sure whether thats a glitch in the matrix but just something to ponder.....

  • That's good isn't it. Set players to sell when they hit a certain value, whilst being able to mop up shares from traders who want out quicker?

  • Are you thinking in a possible injury situation. So you have you low ball bid in place, player gets injured, you quickly sell to market (or possibly IS to any high bids that have not been cancelled is that possible?) then wait for the IS price to drop for you pre-prepared bid to be filled. That kinda thing?

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