Closed Order Reserve Checked

  • What does this actually mean?
    The price hasn't changed yet my market sell has been cancelled.....why does it actually get cancelled- does anyone have more detailed mechanics of how it actually works....

  • At some point, the reserve price you set has been surpassed and the order thus cancelled

    It's not worth putting a reserve on mate.

  • It could have dropped over night and then recovered by the time you woken up, I never use reserves to market sell now

  • @pompeyjosh1990
    You must have set a reserve price when you joined the market sell queue & the MS price has fallen below it, so it has automatically cancelled your sell order.

    The price may have subsequently risen partially due to yours being removed from the queue, depending on how many you had listed & the price delta that changes the MS price (usually 600/900).

  • HAHA no way- Ive been doing this for Months and getting so PISSED glad i asked this now.

    What an idiot I am!

  • I may be mistaken but I think if you set a reserve price and it even hits that reserve at the point of (attempted) sale then it presents the closed order error message. I now set any reserves 1p below where I would otherwise and that seems to have worked ok

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