Anyone else worried the promised land of Germany might be a bit of a bust if they don't have shared liquidity with us?

  • Or am I worrying over nothing?

  • I’m more concerned about the media review.

  • Not in the slightest.

    People won’t be able to take money out to join the new one at the ‘bottom’ same as they can’t legally join this one now if not I’m certain countries.

    When you look at the huge market that is betting. FI’s current share is tiny. The potential is huge and we’re still a ‘start up’ type market. Still huge potential for massive booms. Especially with the biggest marketing budget thus far. Pooled liquidity of any kind would be great. But i’m sure as I can be that it won’t be detrimental if it doesn’t happen.

  • Its a weird one. If it was easy to get pooled liquidity in other countries you’d expect FI to have already expanded into it the same as they have done in Ireland, New Zealand and Canada. We can only assume they haven’t because the legal situation in Germany is considerable different. I’m still fairly confident it will be a pooled market. I can’t imagine FI will have spent this much time and money trying to expand into Germany just to effectively start over with a completely new FI market and all the issues that brings. Even more so considering all the issues the current platform still has: I can’t imagine a relatively small team will put so much work into gaining a new territory just to have to start over again.

    At the end of the day none of us know and all we can do is wait.

  • I think this is a major over reaction. They were never likely to say shared liquidity was close or it 'might' happen. It is the goal for them to do it.

    He said they reckon they can get 10 x growth in two years easiest and most achievable way to do that is shared liquidity with new territories.

    Even if we get 5 x growth in the platform in 2 years with or without shared liquidity you can not complain.

  • @London-Is-Blue it's not about complaining - it's just asking the question and looking for information. All I've been hearing about is the promised land that Germany is so was curious to see what people are saying.

  • Nope i don't think you are worrying about nothing. I clocked somehow in the total chaos that is twitter (OMG twitter is a load of shit glad i dont use it) AC's reply to a follow up question which was basically will Brexit derail expansion, and the answer was well it depends on if we get a deal or not. So i take that to be if its a no deal then pooled liquidity is most likely off the table, but lets hope that doesn't happen. Assuming it doesn't then i think it might be a situation were you could have germany pooled but not spain but italy is pooled depending on the different regs in each country that sort of thing. But at least we know its not imminent at least 6 months down the road minimum, so its as you were, this announcement doesn't really change much and ultimately is not in FI control anyway. The important thing to take out of it for me and they have been very consistent on this was that if they can they will so i guess we just wait and see.

  • Guys this has been debated for over 3 years now on the forum and the general feeling is that it would never happen it is a non issue

  • @Fletch Relatively new to this and all I kept seeing was people talking about the German expansion being the big one, was just curious as to how this affects people's view of the FI going forward.

  • @PMurph I know, I mean it's a bit over reaction to start worrying it's your money (obviously)

    My view point is if FI can achieve just 100% growth in 2 years and i can make 30-60% ROI myself over that period of time i am more than happy.

    He stated he thinks they can get 10 x growth in 2 years, the simplest and easiest way to get that is shared liquidity and even if that was not on the table which it may not be, getting even remotely close to the growth he 'thinks' they can achieve means you will make an absolute killing being on the platform.

  • @London-Is-Blue Yeah I'm totally happy with FI - this is just a bit of fun for me, I just wasn't aware of the lay of the land and had seen people constantly saying Germany was vital for growth.

  • But I treat every day on here as a school day hence why I ask questions when I'm unsure of something haha

  • The easiest way to grow the product is to make it work better and get a bigger slice of the UK market - this would use up far less of there funds and allow for more dividends to be paid out rather than the cost of going into other territories.

    Not sure if you know but they were in Sweden but had to shut due to legislation they have tried other places with similar rules to the UK with limited success.

    Adam Cole may not admit it but the easiest and best way as a company to expand into any of the other big countries is for them to have there own version - This would be simpler, easier and more cost effective.

    As for profits those of us for a while now would say there are ample profits to be made and still huge numbers out there who gamble yet to discover the product

  • @Fletch The problem with targeting the gambling market is the lack of quick wins and having to have patience to make money but I take on board what you are saying. Is there anywhere you can see the growth in tangible terms? Do they show user number growth anywhere?

  • @PMurph I do agree, asking questions and learning and using the forum as intended is a great way to increase your knowledge of the platform and hopefully in turn make more money.

    I can't see how FI would allow themselves to not have ways to achieve the desired growth without Germany and they 'should' be far more profitable now with the ME (although they need to sit on more cash right now).

  • @PMurph

    Unfortunately you have to look at obscure ways but evidence of growth in the platform can be seen by how big the forum is now, a few years back it was just a few of us.

    Look how mad the IPO system is now because of the volume of traders trying to buy.

    Look at the development of the product

    First it was Media Only
    Then we had PB
    Then we got IPD

    It is a quickly growing company and all that takes cash which its backers think worthwhile so I think the evidence is strong

  • @PMurph not officailly but you can sort of guess where we are up to everytime you see a new user on the forum (that's what the number represents, so if you see a newuser650012 then you know there are up to over 600,000 users on the platform)

    So in terms of grown if he is taking that to be growth in the user bases, then x10 kinda puts it in the same ball park as the number of people that play fpl each year. That's massive, and good news to everyone. I think also if they are planning aggressive marketing in relation to the UK market, then i think you can do those sort of numbers in two years just on UK market, without the need for expansion, so i only see other territories it a bonus anyway.

  • Cheers guys, all sounds a bit more positive in here which isn't what I was expecting. Great to see!

  • Maybe we can get an idea from Betfair which countries might be open to pooled liquidity - and unfortunately I believe none of the major European countries currently have it.
    I think its correct that Italy and Spain have the exchange but separate liquidity. France and Germany don't even have access to the exchange.
    I believe this is due to a mixture of licencing laws, and very high taxes on gambling (some on every bet staked, like the UK used to have) - which could make trading on FI expensive and complicated.

  • @NewUser565183 does that leave it open for America and Asia potentially or not?

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