Theorising market behaviour ahead of BPL return

  • Hi guys, I joined the platform last week and i'm learning the ropes with a £50 deposit (+20 bonus) and i'm eyeing up sell my premier league shares around the 17th june restart. I could trade them in now for a cheeky 8% return on investment but i'm optemistic of further growth despite a day or two of stagnation.

    I was wondering what people's thoughts are on market behaviour around the restart? Will gametime/form be the main price drivers? as a rookie i'm still trying to understand the thought processes behind short-medium term market prediction - so I would really appreciate peoples insights :) What are the odds of the market over-inflating during this long and tedious return to our beloved league?

  • @NewUser610198

    Depends on who you hold; PB + MB threats are probably best held, IPD players need to be within the 30 days window so whilst they currently qualify for you, having only started last week, be prepared to sell &/or recycle after 30 days or on a performance price spike & those with little chance of either might be best cashed (if profitable) simply on the enthusiasm of the restart. Lots of buying likely from now onwards in the build up to game days & then any rises are often cashed prior to KO or during play, not really my style of trading but their are plenty who do, so being prepared & anticipating it will gives you the best chance of profits.

    Good long term (currently upto 3 years is allowed) holds however will remain so now, during & after restart so you really need to evaluate why you bought who you currently hold & whether they might be best held or sold to invest more profitably elsewhere. Over trading is often an early mistake when sometimes doing nothing is best but treat it as a learning experience & worst case you're only risking £70, good luck.

  • Thanks mate appreciate your insights. Ill keep an eye on when those thirty days run out and act accordingly. I've been pretty cautious so far and intend to keep it this way until I build the knowledge and general market undestanding to be take calculated and opportunistic risks. Great thing with getting a £20 bonus on the 50 means there's plenty of room for error!

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