Which Post Was The FI Statement Stating IS Will Remain On?

  • I'm going to contact customer services about the withdrawal of IS.
    Thought it would be handy to have a direct quote to hand.

    Has anyone contacted them about this yet?

    AC didn't mention it last night did he?


  • Think he said 'its in the future' or words to that affect.

  • @Dronny-Gaz

    Mentioned in a article by Mike Bohan from June 2019, can't remember which thread gave the link but if you search the archive it should be there - hope that helps.

  • @Millerman
    Was that directly relating to IS or was it referring to 'market makers' and the introduction of sell orders which they believe will narrow spreads?

  • @Dronny-Gaz I think it was in direct relation to every question - oh and pooled is his preference, but can't be sure, as its in the future.

    Glad I have been unable to help and not give you a clear answer.

  • @Millerman I admire your consistency! 😁

  • 0_1591299531266_Screenshot_20200604-203229.png

  • @Vespasian32
    Cheers 👍
    Freed a little bit more on the Werner spike.
    Will buy in again if he goes down perhaps.

  • @Vespasian32 never seen this answer, I appreciate right now you've lost some confidence in FI and with IS off to FI (as we speak) I get your frustration, but that answer tells me the 2nd phase we will see something or in future anyway. Not sure why their comms couldn't be a tad better surrounding this but i feel they wanted to test the market, see where we'd pick up the pieces so to speak. Dont have to keep going over same thing but wanted to add my 50 pence in as that is quite a confirmed response. I'd be shocked if they went back on that long term.

  • @Shippers I think where many of us, on this issue and many before, go wrong is that we react to new information as if we are all playing the same game.

    Its hard for someone who plays FI with long term strategy and very considered purchases to see what the fuss is about...

    Its hard for someone like me who does like a short term punt and high volume of trading to see how not everyone can see the harmful impact.

  • It wouldn't be exaggerating to say I use the IS button daily during the height of the season... Whereas someone like @Westy has been here two years and doesn't even know what IS is. We are using the same product but playing a completely different game.

    I also have non-fi specific anxiety about money. I'm one of those goblins that would happily have all my money in coins and sit on the pile all day. I've never used a fixed term ISA for instance... The idea of not being able to access my money when I want to causes me stress. I was comfortable putting 6 figures in FI cos at click of a button I could access circa 90% of it very quickly should the unlikely need arise.

  • @Vespasian32 I do get that and you're probably not gaining from the market like you once was I'm guessing, but (and i know me saying it probably wont mean anything 😅) that comment from old Cole himself does generally feel me with confidence.

  • @Shippers I just don't like that he has gone back on his word. If he can do it for instant sale I'm sure he could do it for media reviews, team of the week, in play dividends or anything else.

  • @Vespasian32 said in Which Post Was The FI Statement Stating IS Will Remain On?:


    There's always a tweet 😊

  • @Tom7471 I wouldn't say he has yet though just poorly communicated and left up to us to guess the next stage. Personally I think we will see it back in some form.. IS was turned off because off Covid, implemented first stage of order books instead as was ready and gives market a little boom, see how market reacts and see where market makers, IS whatever you want to call it is required. Bring in next stage of order books including the above (though IS might be off until everything has blown over with pandemic). Should the above be the case then obviously great, gives tones of confidence back to people (albeit I actually don't mind how it is but get the issue). Could easily tell us this is the case though and not let forum guess everything.

  • As @Shippers just pointed out think it's important to remember the disabling of instant sell was a reaction to Covid-19 and football being cancelled on mass, I very much doubt that it would have been removed if it wasn't for the unforseen event of a global Pandemic.

    Unless there's something in T&C's clearly referenced it's almost irrelevant to go back to a historical quote from FI given that quote would have no perspective to the circumstances we find ourselves in today.

  • @Shippers I'm not sure waiting with football index is the best idea mate. We have been waiting for order books for two years and we are still about 5 months away.

  • @Tom7471 I'm patient, I can wait 😉. Like I said, they had to wait to see how market would react, see what we would do and do some analysis.

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