Averages per player

  • I currently hold 53 players...

    Average cash value per player: £250
    Average volume of shares per player: 150

    Always thought it good to spread risk but wondering if I’m spreading myself too thin and need to trim the port down. Interested to hear how my averages compare to others?


  • 30 Players
    Average cash value per player: £1320
    Average volume of shares per player: 462.7
    plus Around £500 waiting on bids

  • 20 Players
    Average cash value per player: £167.50
    Average volume of shares per player: 88
    Plus £230 waiting on 1 bid

  • 21 players
    Average cash value: £268
    Average volume of shares: 126

  • @RedknappsEyelids Excluding markers and players in the process of selling I have...
    22 players.
    Average of around £1,100 per player.
    A decent cash balance to enable me to get 2 or 3 more players should an oportunity arise.
    I personally think you’re spread a bit too thin.
    Would you say all 50odd of your players are very good optimum picks? Even with 20 players I often think I’m more confident in some than others so I look to get rid.

  • 13 player 145 average volume £150 cash value

  • 84 players
    Average of £1250ish per player
    Average of 450ish shares per player

    Would ideally like to streamline the port a bit and go heavier into proven div winners.

  • @Timothee-Atouba when I started on FI I did so with an 8k balance and the spread of value £250ish per player was similar so had a port of 30ish players. The higher end players I’m happy to have more than double the average in (Rashford/Havertz) and at the lower I tend to have a max of 300 shares in any one player but as the ports grown I’ve just continued with the same trend and I’m now getting to the point where it’s more difficult to manage.

    I also dabble a little in shares and the minimum I’d tend to invest in a share is £500 so it got me thinking why I don’t do that on FI. Always interested to hear other strategies though which prompted the question.

    I could give a decent argument that the majority of the current 53 could return good divs and / or cap app over time, albeit some more so than others. There’s the odd dog in there that was a punt (Hatem Ben Arfa) but who hasn’t?!

    Appreciate the feedback. Inclined to agree it needs trimming a bit. 👍🏼

  • 16 players.

    Average shares per player: 500

    Average holding in £: £450

    I try to have 1 player in every position on the field so I’m covering all positions in case a matrix change helps GK’s or centre backs. Max shares in a player is 1,000 and always have at least 200 in any player so the divs give a decent return. Also have at least 2 players from each of the 5 PB leagues so there’s interest in every match day.

    Feel confident this plan will bear fruit in the long term. Since ME has been introduced I’ve been a lot more active buying in low and selling for small gains a few days later and making big wins in players like Ighalo which wouldn’t have been possible before the match engine.

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