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  • Ok - my final newbie question....I had a player up for sale, the infamous Ighalo ... I listed not as an IS, but reserved a price, i.e. the current sell price. I'd calculated with the divs, that I was in the profit region I wanted to be at.

    I understand a lot of fire selling on him this week from the other enthralling thread on Ighalo, but now he is extended at Man Utd, I thought time to go and re-invest in a.n.other. So, he was listed for 2 days, then this morning, I get up to find the sale is cancelled and he is back as part of my port.

    So, does this mean there are no buyers willing to pay the price I want ? He has subsequently dropped in value a couple of pence, so now I'm wondering it works that when the current buy price is lower than your reserve price, he is automatically took off sale.

    While I get that, because noone would now buy at my listed price, as seen with Bruno last night, prices can quickly go up and down if certain players are manipulating the price, so if this had happened to Ighalo today, I miss my sale, and now I'm at the back of the queue.

    Surely it should be up to me to pull the listing, isn't it - it also means that the advertised sell price is only really valid if you want to sell when a players value is rising, not the other way.

  • @magicboots it’s because you set a reserve price. Once the player’s buy price goes below the reserve price you set, they are taken out of the queue and returned to your port.

    So for example if you set a reserve price of £2 for Ighalo, his buy price then drops to £1.99, the shares you out up for sale are taken out of the queue

  • @Andy

    Yes, appears to be the case. I personally would like to make that decision though, as like I say, if the price went back up, then I miss the sale. OK, I am not so fussed, as I have a few years to make the sale and looks like he could be in the running for more divs (an outside bet maybe for today), but in different circumstances, this rule could be frustrating.

    Anyway, thanks for confirming. Trying to iron out and discover these nuances while my port is low, and using this period to find my feet, and experiment a bit to find a good strategy.

  • @magicboots you do make that decision. You decide what the reserve price is before you hit confirm and place your shares in the sell queue

  • Often people mistake the reserve price for a limit order... it definitely isn’t! All it does is cancel your order when the price drops and puts you to the back of the queue if you still want to get rid.

    I’m hoping that when the matching engine is fully launched they do away with the reserve price, as it serves virtually no purpose.

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