Ben Chilwell

  • Any reason for the recent rise in price?

  • Apparently he is the final piece of the jigsaw for Chelsea this sunmer

  • @NewUser86117
    Likely in the next batch of risers for EPL return. Good hold IMO (I hold 100), young, English, PB candidate, MB with tfr spec, Euros next year 👍

  • Very favourable Twitter thread about him by @Cal_Lewis_7
    Compares him to Reece James, Saka etc. as well with chilwell coming out on top

  • @sambhavc to be honest I’d expect him to come out on top, 3 years older than James and 5 years older than Saka! Good player though

  • @ChazFI123
    Yeah valid point, didn’t realise the gap in age was that big haha! The comparison to AWB may be more relevant then... Still cant see anyone overtaking him as England’s first choice left back for at least the next 3 years minimum

  • If Chelsea were to sign chilwell, do you think they would sell alonso or keep him as back up. I’m hoping alonso gets a transfer to inter, not been much talk of it lately though. Alonso is one of my largest holds

  • @Coop-dog Alonso and Emerson are both likely to leave. Azpi and Ian Maatsen should be the full back cover next season.

    The media seem to think rightly or wrongly, that Chillwell is Lampards first choice LB signing, personally i don't see it.

    If you look at the other LB's Chelsea have seriously looked at Telles is 29, Nicolas Tagliafico is 27 this leads me to believe they are looking for a 1-2 season stop gap while Ian Maatsen develops.

    Chelsea may very well sign Chillwell but remember, Leicester are a nightmare to deal with. This is the club that kept Mahrez for 2 years after he wanted to leave and still got a stupid transfer fee. They bent united over and took 80m for Maguire and it's likely 60-70m would be what is wanted for Chillwell. Chelsea have made incredibly smart transfer decisions since Lampard has taken over and I don't think Chillwell is worth that money especially with how highly Ian Maatsen seems to be rated at Chelsea.

  • @London-Is-Blue 👍👍

  • I'm not overly convinced about Chilwell, think he is overrated.

    Also as someone says Leicester will hold on for a massive price and if it is not matched he will be going nowhere. I think he will still be at Leicester next year, which with CL football is not a bad thing but I thing he might get slightly found out.

  • @London-Is-Blue Looking at this from a Leicester perspective I'm inclined to agree. Think both Telles and Tagliafico represent much better value for money than Chilwell. If we land Champions League football, I think Chilwell would be advised to stay as the money we would ask for and hold out for will be unaffordable for pretty much every team in the current climate. Especially as Chelsea have obvious areas of weakness across the park and need to strengthen in multiple areas.

    He is likely to have European football (pray we don't mess that up now!) which is the level he's said he wants to be at, he's part of young squad which suits his attacking full back style, plays for top manager under Rodgers (at present, arguably better than Lampard) and the club infrastructure has improved greatly with the new training facility. It will be interesting if Chelsea do move for him as our owners won't flinch and it will likely leave us with a similar fee to that of Maguire and we will add 3-4 quality players with that as we usually do. United paid 80mil upfront with 5mil in add-on's for Maguire which is obscenity.

    From an FI perspective Telles and Tagliafico will obviously fly if they move to Chelsea and Chilwell remains a good hold whether he stays or goes.

  • @CptMorgan The latest figures i have seen is 40-50m for Chillwell, which isn't so bad.

    I know Ashley Cole has said in the past he wants to see him at Chelsea and Cole and Lampard are close. I would also trust Ashley Cole when it comes to LB's. I think if 40m was to be accepted i would be happy with that given he is younger and English.

    The only issue is then does it stifle Maatsen's route to the first team.

  • Fab Romano confirming talks are underway, pretty reliable source. Not sure if Chelsea is good or bad for his PB chances

  • @ChazFI123 Hard to say, currently everything mostly goes down the right and through Reece but good change with a good LB as we don't currently have that option.

  • @London-Is-Blue my bigger thought is that he won't be taking set pieces ahead of Ziyech I don't think

  • @ChazFI123 No chance, Ziyech will most likely be first choice followed by Reece and then you also have Mount as well. Not seen a great deal of set pieces from Chillwell but got to think Ziyech has higher pedigree and Reece/Mount have seniority within the squad but like I said not seen a great deal of Chillwell.

    I guess the rumors were true, this is meant to be the window that brings Chelsea up to Liverpool/City standards and it seems likely United may not sign Sancho this window and if CHO/Pulisic flop rumors are Chelsea will go back in big for Sancho next year.

    Even with the Chillwell deal i still think there is another 50-150m available depending on outgoing transfers.

    Can you just imagine for a second a transfer window of Ziyech, Werner, Chillwell and Sancho? Got to think that would be the best one on record.

  • @London-Is-Blue I'd be very, very surprised if the figure was as low as 40-50m. I think it gets to a point where as a club Leicester have to make a stance not to sell the Top 6 clubs they are trying to overhaul, unless it's at an absolute premium price. To that point, I can't see Chilwell being allowed to go for less than 60mil and even then I think it'll be closer to the fee we got for Maguire.

    I believe Chilwell would want the move to Chelsea no questions asked. He splits opinion at Leicester a little bit and whilst most fans would prefer to keep him, they see him as replaceable for the fee being reported. Put it this way of our prize younger assets that are always linked to big clubs - Ricardo, Ndidi, Chilwell, Maddison and Soyuncu - I'd be most comfortable by far losing Chilwell.

    It's a case of whether Chelsea stump up the cash because I don't think our owners will buckle. We've seen it all before with Drinkwater, then Mahrez, then Maguire. If you pay 80mil for Chilwell, for me, that's very questionable business. Not because Chilwell is a bad player, on the contrary he's extremely talented. He's still raw but his athleticism and powerful will be hugely valuable - he's able to transition the ball up the pitch effortlessly at times and would be an upgrade on both Alonso and Emerson. However, I think you could get an equally adept player in Alex Telles for less than half that price and without the painstaking negotiation process.

    I also think this makes James Justin a much more attractive hold on FI. With Ricardo out, short term he'll fill in at RB for us and he's very adept at LB too so if Chilwell does leave I expect him to get a lot more pitch time next season. Been very impressed with what I've seen of him so far.

  • @London-Is-Blue Also the journalist you all want to watch for Leicester news is John Percy at the Telegraph. If Percy speaks, it's happening.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

  • @CptMorgan You could be right but i would wonder how much money is available at Leicester right now? Owners wealth comes from duty free shops in airports so he can't have much cash to throw around so Leicester might want to sell to fund the next step in making sure they stay a top 4/top 6 club and if like you say Chillwell is an asset you can do without i'm sure 50m could go a long way to helping that happen if you have an already talented prospect waiting.

    Chelsea might well pay 80m I've seen us make worse transfers but like i said in a different thread earlier Marina is incredible at getting the best for Chelsea and Chelsea and Leicester do have a 'fairly' good relationship.

    I wonder if Ashley Cole be persuaded to leave the under 15s and to be a first team coach to help Chillwell? A young English LB learning from one of the best LB's there has ever been... the story writes itself. Either way the story does not seem to be going away but Chelsea look to be getting deals done ASAP so shouldn't take long to find out how it plays out.

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