Jovane Cabral

  • Do any Liga Nos / Sporting fans have an opinion on this guy? I must say I had never heard of him but was keeping an eye on the Vitoria - Sporting game last night as I hold Marcus Edwards and he was one of the best players on the pitch beating opponents, drawing fouls and creating chances. Ended with an assist and and 8.2 rating on Whoscored. Looks like he has struggled for starts this season but had a decent run in the team pre covid.

    There’s very little info on him but looks like Barca were linked in 2018 and more recently there’s talk of Jorge Mendes wanting to move him on for €15m. At that price it may be worth a punt to a middling club in a PB league.

    21 years old, Cape Verdean but wants to play for Portugal, 75p.

    Not a pump as I don’t hold yet - just keen to see if anyone knows more about him. If he gets that Portuguese nationality surely it’s only a matter of time before Wolves come calling😂

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