Player Retirement

  • Hi,

    I'm looking for info when a player retires if anyone has knowledge of this?

    player stay on the Index until his contract is up?
    player price plummet when his retirement in announced?
    futures in the player sold when he is removed from the index?
    any further advice?


  • I was doing a low price search the other day and saw that Davide Astori (god rest his soul) is still available at around 50p....

    I believe they'll be a bit of leeway as I've always thought (like Paul Scholes) retirees could come back but I would always do your own due-diligence and keep as updated as you can on the players you own because if anyone retires their price will initially plummet before they are taken off the list.

  • @dannypea Crazy! I saw at the time they dropped his sell price to 1p (which it still is) hopefully no-one will be so ill informed as to invest in him!

    On the original question, certainly when a player announces his retirement their price will plummet (for obvious reasons) with regards to removal from the index / losing your investment I believe the policy is that once they've not played a game for 1yr they'll be removed but I've not seen it happen.

  • I don't know the process or policy here but surely they would only remove after all shares in that person have been sold up.

  • Thanks for the replies and the useful info!! I thought as much when the player announces it that his price would plummet. I've not got any players in this situation at the moment but if I ever do I'll keep an eye on them and sell off as soon as news breaks.

  • I bought and sold 1 x santi cazola when he was announced in the arsenal europa league squad the rules clearly state he should of been gone off the index but he wasn’t

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