Intra day shorts

  • What would everyone's thoughts be on being able to short the market intra day? Obviously every player's price tends to zero so long term shorts wouldn't be feasible, but allowing something short term like intra day (or 24 hour max) could be an interesting addition to the platform.
    My suggestion would be that, like the instant sell price, there is an instant buy back price which is triggered if you still haven't covered your short by the end of the day (or 24 hours).
    One potential issue I can see with this is players shorting the soon to be relegated players just before 9am on a Friday (when penny stocks come in this likely won't be a problem). Perhaps you just don't allow shorts for the bottom 25 players or come up with some measure to mitigate this for now.
    Anyway, I guess this isn't gonna be a high priority for FI right now what with the penny stocks taking up most of the devs' time, but if enough people like this idea it might make them consider it...

  • I asked AC about introducing a shorting system, but unfortunately it's a no go. A trader could theoretically lose more than their stake (even in a few hours), and as FI is regulated by the Gambling Commission it can't get away with this.

  • Ah yes that does seem like a pretty immoveable obstacle. Was worth a shout!

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