How will the market react at the end of the season.....

  • This is my 1st year trading and I am very curious to understand what is likely to happen to the market at the end of the season and during the summer......this year we have the world cup but as far as I know FI has not yet announced dividend payments for these games.

    What happened generally to players prices last summer.......did they fall, if so was it dramatic. Very curious to have peoples opinions on this and you will be doing with your portfolio. I have made some good profit this season which i don't want to loose and not knowing what is going to happen at the end of the season worries me............looking for reassurance not to sell but would like to know what other traders are thinking. Thanks.

  • Yes there will be divs for the WC. Then it's only a fairly short space of time before leagues start again. During which I presume there will still be MB (correct me if I'm wrong) and a lot of transfer related fluctuation , before getting in the players for next season. I haven't experienced it before either but this is my guess , prices could be volatile as portfolios are reorganised around transfer spec players etc. If you have players you want to keep for next season maybe they will dip and then rise again

  • I'm anticipating falls for those not involved in the WC whilst players that do well in the comp will rise to silly prices in some cases? Then once its all over we'll have a bit of calm and some steady reds appearing before the latest transfer gossip kicks in and we are at greens again... Then, before you know it the EPL season kicks off and we are back to a thriving FI economy as anticipation switches to bread and butter!

  • @NewUser108933 ....thanks for your input. I am expecting the prices to fluctuate and I think must be prepared to see some de-valuation of my portfolio over the summer but hoping it will recover again when next season starts.

  • @dannypea ...thanks for the positiveness in your response :)

  • There’s a whole month of triple media between end of season and World Cup do I’d imagine the usual MB suspects will rise again towards end of season.

  • The way I look at it, maybe I'm wrong but regardless of whether players prices fall, they all keep pushing up so you can't lose. Only way I can see losing is if you invest heavily on an ageing player, take ibrahimovic for example, then his price just plummeted never to recover to anywhere near what it was. Maybe I'm wrong but thats how I see it.

  • This triple media before the WC is a good point , I'll keep my pogba messi salah etc. Makes it even stranger The ronaldo drop.

  • Trust in your instinct

  • @NewUser123670 watch out for players that go to china and US also and also players that move from PL to another league

  • It’s horrible, transfers rumours send the place crazy, you can loose a lot by instant selling off a rumour and then 2 days later it’s changed.

    Griezmann was the best example of this although it was still in the season I think I can’t remember but he was nearly £7 a share based on rumour then he said he was staying his price plummeted.

    Image a hazard or bale summer saga, off/on, .... people instant selling then buying its very volatile .

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