• Spurs 1st choice right back at 57p I think its good value. What do you guys thinks.

    Likewise Kyle walker at around 48p.

    I see decent rises in these two full backs after a few games at the latest.

  • I'm a Spurs fan. He is the most frustrating RB in a long time. He's a red card waiting to happen. Does get the odd assist to be fair to him tho

  • @Sinex82

    I agree but under mourinho he's looked really good going forward. Seema to give him full license to attack and the left back tends to sit back to make three at the back..

    I was just looking at the value for money ... in 3 or 4 games he is sure to get a high PB score.. the way the index works I see value in him ... lets see : )

  • Aurier one of the biggest liabilities in the PL for me but probably fairly low risk at that price (though doubt you'd make much more than 5p on him). Will Tanganga play more?

    Walker is 30 now so don't see much increase in his price.

  • @JonesyFI-WH

    30 is not a problem if one can post decent PB score.

    I see value in both these right backs for the short term anyway. Lets see their prices in a months time.. .

  • @MI25 I wish you luck mate. Hope you're right and i'm wrong.

  • I'm a Saints fan but due to a mate I have watched alot of Spurs games and have had the misfortune of watching tonnes of Aurier. He is bad. Seriously bad. Both the defensive and offensive parts of his game. I reckon you could chuck 90% of the starting right backs in the league in his position and they would do a better job. Sure, he gets the odd goal to inflate his stats, but don't let that detract from how bad he is. There are two reasons why I think he won't play much next season.

    Spurs have a nice new shiny stadium and Levy will not be pleased with all the dents Aurier is putting in the stands.

    Spurs don't have a natural back up. Great for this season as he will start most games. But puts next season extremely at risk. They won't bother signing a back up to him, they will just sign a first choice full back.

    This may have been a low risk punt a month ago, but with IS needing a bidder, this is one where you could end up stuck or having a terrible IS price.

    I would guess if you want to make money from Spurs fullback situation, sign the guy who is going to replace him. Players like Max Aarons or Celik (personally have a gut feeling it will be Celik as they are trying to get their Sporting Director, but that is a punt in itself).

  • @Dr-Jan-Itor

    I couldn't buy Aurier with counterfeit money,your modern day money grabbing lazy player more interested in outside interests than improving his game. Some bad decisions were made at Spurs during the last days of Potchettino and a lot was going on behind the scenes.

  • Spurs fan and whilst you might get the odd big PB score with aurier (essentially because he is THAT bad defensively that he is told to play as a winger to do less damage), I would just not buy him at all as he is an absolute calamity waiting to happen. Also should not be the starting RB next year so would have to sell on before then.

  • @HPcoys

    The reason why ive took the risk in investing in him is because of that very reason... firstly he will start amd more importantly he is expected to attack mostly which favours the index .. . So im expecting some high PB their remaining fixtures : ) like they sayblets wait and see if it pays off !

  • @MI25 defo, totally understand he reasoning FI wise. Football wise he’s a nightmare

  • If the Spurs fans aren't buying him then I shall not either. I have seen him a couple of time and one moment of genius could be wiped out by a red card or many mistakes putting him in minus scores

  • He's useless. A mistake waiting to happen almost every time he plays.

  • I'm really not sure where Spurs go at the minute, Levy just took £150m loan of the gov so cant see them spending. Also what does Jose M bring to a team these days.........

    Do they have much coming through the youth system?

    Does Kane and the likes of Son stay with possibility of no European football with a Euros and WC coming up 12 months later?

  • @trig I think you are spot on there. Kane is one of my holds as he is England captain, scores a load etc. I think he will stay another season. Son is the only other player who may be considered near world class but I also think he will stay at least one more season.

    The problem is Jose doesn't really play entertaining football and this in my very limited experience of PB, isn't great.

    If you could buy managers on FI for MB then Jose would be ahead of Sancho as King of the index

  • @Kipper72

    I agree however Aurier due to his defensive inability is always getting forward under mourinho .. therefore attractive in terms of FI at that price ...

  • @trig essentially we’re going nowhere in football terms with levy anytime soon. Time to push on and make 1 big signing or a couple to strengthen squad was the 2 years levy bought nobody and didn’t back poch. The whole defence needs an overhaul now but will be a slow process. Tbf - in midfield can see ndombele and gio (with a proper DM behind them) and Harry, son, dele/Bergwijn being very exciting but defence is just a mess. Chels showing huge ambition w Werner/ziyech and undoubtedly a top LB whilst we will end up with willian on a free, hojberg (not bad) and prob a RB to compete w aurier. Will also somehow end up paying chels for giroud to fund their Werner purchase. Also expect united to push on too following Bruno signing and I expect 1 more attacking big signing for them this summer too.

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