Lo Celso

  • At 1.87

    Won over mourinho, spurs main playmaking type player.
    On set pieces etc.

    He has been an FI favourite for a while .. . But now is the time he will show his quality as his games suits the index also.

    I bought as a long term hold as I see him rising steadily from now to over the course of next season too.

  • Looked at him and Bergwijn, and decided to invest in the latter. For me he has had the better start at Tottenham, Had the initial idea of the Euro's being this summer too, both should be good holds though.

  • @MI25 i bought LoCelsi on the eye test. He’s a stand out player in the tottenham side and i felt a had to hold him on that alone so i have small amount but I believe he could become a very good FI player

  • He was one of my first ray purchases on ME. I didn't manage to get him much cheaper than market price, and I think he's very reasonably priced at that level. If holding for longer term he also has a world cup in a couple of years (hopefully FI will include qualifiers for PB, but may be a bit more tricky than euro qualifiers as they are played across different time zones.)

  • @Black-wolf

    Subject to injury, like all players offcourse.. .. he will show his quality... i've seen loads of full games of his in the past few years and he is a quality play maker. We could see that in the recent tottenham games. .. although he has been playing a little deeper... if he plays in a more advanced role.. any of the left right centre behind the striker he will show more of his ability.

  • Thing I like about lo celso is his price is 1.80 odd and he hasn’t scored or assisted all season. He has got a really good base PB, and history shows he is a goal scoring midfielder. That’s why i got involved .


    Lots of the big boys know him thats why... once he stays fit conistently he will rise sharp.

  • Definitely think he’s a good FI hold, I can see him and ndombele having a great partnership with a defensive midfielder behind them next season. But in true spursy fashion, rumours he’s out for 6 weeks so more a longer term hold for next season for me (I hold)

  • @MI25 since our convo on him, I spoke to a spurs fan who is excited about him due to form shown before covid

  • I like the look of him but he needs consistency in his performances and game time.

    I would say one for the watch list if you’re interested in him.

  • He’s a tidy player but with no euros i think it will still hold his price back along with his zero transfer hype.
    I would also not go in because there is a chance spurs don't get in europe at all, sitting 8th remember.
    I wouldnt buy any spurs players until i knew a european spot was within distance.

    Looking at the fixtures the Sheff utd game is a massive one.

  • @Westy

    I been watching him.for over a year.. . He's a gem of a player. Matter of time before all see .. ..

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