Ousmane Dembele + 8

  • Liverpool? Klopp a known admirer and after missing out on his first choice Werner could he get second prize?

  • Just to clarify Liverpool did not miss out on Werner, they pulled out of the race a long time ago. Apparently they are broke.. but being broke in Liverpool doesn't sound likely!

  • @London-Is-Blue They wanted him cheaper thats what it was and Chelsea came along and didn't mess about

  • @Silver Yeah they don't have the money, that's why they were in or Ousmane on loan. Personally wouldn't expect much from Liverpool in terms of transfers this year.

    Also from the reports it looks like Cech/Lampard were the deciding factor in him going to Chelsea over anywhere else.

    I personally wouldn't touch Ousmane, he has all the talent in the world but lacks the mentality which is something you can't teach. He might do well under Klopp but i haven't seen anything at Klopp's time at Liverpool to see him Changing Ousmanes mentality.

  • @London-Is-Blue Yeah I'm not sure Dembele is the right fit for Liverpool, great player on his day but not as consistent as Klopp would like i think

    I've seen some reports of Liverpool now interested in Diogo Jota which I actually think it makes sense and would fit Liverpool and Klopp style quite well

    As far as Werner goes I think Chelsea were just more keen in signing and that translates to the player feeling more confident in signing and believing he can play a big part going forward.

    Hats off to Chelsea, they're showing all the right signs and looks like their going in the right direction

  • Manchester Utd?

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