• What's everyone's thoughts on him? I've got a few shares and I'm down. He has had good time in Italy and I'm hoping hes dropped due to covid. In my opinion (no research) he would be a good draw for media being at united (will he stay will he go) and if he does stay in Italy or another top league hes a goal machine. He leads the line for Belgium, I cant see a fault.

    Can anyone help me out?

  • Not playing in the PL, lack of MB and not PB friendly. Might be worth selling on and pick up nearer the euros or if Inter get in Champions league.

  • Thanks for the advice

  • I'd wait until Serie A resumes and go from there. Will certainly have a spike and you can sell then rather than take the loss, unless you can make it up somewhere else of course.

    He was actually rising prior to Covid and been pretty stable since then so not such a bad hold, medium to long term he will probably make you money so I'd exercise some patiente, hes only 26 too so no need to panic just yet

  • @NewUser600411

  • Thanks for the help guys. Would you recommend topping up?

  • @NewUser600411 I've topped up recently. Had him for a while when I set my port up for the euros. I'm holding. See if any future matrix changes help scoring forwards out.

  • @Dan-w Same will top up on any drop. Great hold for Euros and hopefully when the Europa league resumes

  • I've held for a while preparing for euros this year.. 🙄
    Not particularly good for PB but Europa League games and limited match days with few fixtures could be in with a shout of PB with his goal output.
    Still decent age and Belgium first choice if you take a long view towards Euro 2021 and WC

  • PB is pretty rubbish, would need a hat trick to win PB probably...but he will score a few hat tricks in Italy IMO

  • Bought when prepping port for euros along with petkovic. COVID has ruined those plans, will see how his price reacts to serie A return and potentially get out

  • Inter were putting out him and a good starting 11 in the last 32 of europa, so they stand a good chance of going far in to the later stages. Serie a returning. Also they have said that there is a dividend review at the end of the summer, could be a good chance they increase in play dividends to bring value back to the lower end of the market, I would hold on till at least then. See what happens

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