Port less than £200

  • Hi Guys,

    Are there many people out there with a port less than £200? My port is about £180, I read most people have port's worth thousands of pounds.

    Look forward to the replies.

    Cheers Andy

  • @Andy007 I think most of us started off with a small port and they just grow over time.

  • Whats important mate is that you only put in what your comfortable with. Plenty of people do well with a smaller budget and with the amount of growth we’ve seen in the premium players these last couple of months theres plenty of growth to be done in the cheaper players if thats what you wan’t to focus on.

  • Mines at £250 with 133 shares in 37 players. Yourself?

  • I have around £100, only buy max one share in any player, and am absolutely loving it. Want to make sure I'm doing it for the fun rather than the money.

  • As above. Start off with you can and what works. Figure out FI (especially now with ME). Top up every month or two with small amounts and then keep that pot churning around. You'll soon notice growth. Then just repeat and repeat and repeat.

    It's all about compounding the profits, so dont get too attached to many holds (Sell them when you can. It's only profit when you sell!) and it goes without saying re-invest your dividends. It'll soon grow.

  • @The-Spion-Kop I got 67 shares in 21 players mate.

  • I started on here with £100 with my son, we've been on here about 4 months it's his account but I keep an eye on it most days, we invested £100, we topped up but we are both in for about £125 each, made rookie mistakes but the portfolio is now at today's figures 23% up and diverse.

    The forum has been brilliant in guiding me in the right direction and I owe them a debt of gratitude in helping me grow

  • If you have a portfolio of a few hundred I suggest larger quantities in fewer players.

    Wouldn't have more than 4-5 players if I'm honest

  • @Andy007

    Just to reiterate what some people have said. Only put in what you can afford.

    Enjoy, learn and if you make profit on a small amount then maybe ‘risk’ more.

    You can still do a lot with £200 if you make the right moves. Enjoy but don’t concern yourself with other traders totals. Focus on your own percentage profit. If that percentage progresses then maybe deposit more.

  • I had a port of less than £100 for my first year on the index and only began to put more in once I was comfortable with what I was doing.
    £4k port now with £2k net deposits, 2,900 shares in 28 players

  • I deposited £150 as my first deposit. 5 minutes later I deposited another £100

    Next day I took a few quid out my ISA. Payday I put what I would normally put in my ISA into FI. Then came the deposit bonus of 8.25% - No way that any more was going into an ISA that was earning less than 1%

    I have now calmed down a bit as my port is roughly where I want it and earning a few quid in divs each month.

    But always make sure you have enough liquid cash sitting somewhere for emergencies is my advice

  • Started off with £100 and gradually fed more in when i realised i had made some very rookie mistakes in my first purchases. Buying at peaks, trying to get onboard with spikes etc. Added another £100 here and there when wanting to purchase players i had looked into but didnt want to sell my inital purchases at a loss.

    Added a further £100 for the ME and have made some money from buying and selling these players now.

    Just under £500 total deposited now.
    27 players

    Ranging from 1 share up to 50 shares in a single player.

    Probably happy with 8 players in my port. The others i plan on selling once / if they return to profit. Then aim to have 5-10 players but with bigger numbers of shares in them.

  • Had a portfolio under £1000 for the first 9 months.
    Made mistakes, panicked during adjustments in the FI product and negative comments during 2018-2019.
    However feel confident in my strategy and very confident on FI platform and the direction it is going.....Portfolio now over £100K :D
    I would advise in learning the ropes with a small portfolio; expect your portfolio to drop in value occassionally (a lot of new users have automatically purchased players at their peak prices only to see them drop); when you feel confident in both yourself and FI as a product then yes invest/gamble more. But always be mindful that this is a new company and potentially they could collapse (personally I doubt this).

  • @Andy007 I started off similar, it's all about making the money work, so I look at it %gains wise... 10% gains are 10% gains regardless of port cost.

  • Also FI gets called a pyramid scheme quite regularly, but I think that's probably only true when recruiting new people. But If you've got a small port under £200, then the £10 referral bonus can really help boost you along - If you sign up five mates, bosh! Then turn that into profit, reinvest, continue....

  • Started with 5000 1st May 2019, port 6950 now 37% interest. By the time I instant sold it or managed to market sell il proberly be near 20 %. Iv just bought and reinvested divs, only a couple of sales

  • Just read that you wanted to know port's lower then 200 lol, well as I bothered to write it I'm leaving it up. I'd do what Eric said, low value port small number of players is best

  • @Andy007

    Nothing wrong with a small portfolio, especially if that was money that would have been wasted at the bookies. Start small, learn before you earn, any rookie mistakes shouldn't be too costly financially and have some fun with it. Enjoy 😊

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