• @Rocky-Raccoon I’m amazed and confused as to why you think a player would perform better in a team bottom of the league who’ve conceded the most goals in the league than a team at the top of the league 🤣🤣🤣

    How many of those goals were tap ins for alli 😂

    And I’ve got plenty of dele Allis cause I actually rate him if he gets fit consistently he’ll be a good player

  • @Bashamsarriving Something tells me you get confused a lot. Jack Grealish, the second best attacking midfielder in the league, now that is amazing. I need to keep saying it, brings a smile to my face every time.

  • @Rocky-Raccoon early days but as well as KDB Bruno could be better. Not sure there's many others... David Silva a few years ago maybe.

  • @Advinculas-Index said in Grealish:

    @Tom77 said in Grealish:

    @Advinculas-Index said in Grealish:


    I dont see anyone there (especially in this parallel universe that has alli playing for Villa) who he would have to keep the bench warm for on a regular basis.


    Son plays mostly as LW as does Grealish And you have to pick Son.

    ok well we will agree to disagree (but i cant see son on that list anyways)
    Welcome to the forum btw

    Glad to be here 👍

  • @Rocky-Raccoon Get yourself to my friend then maybe watch a football match 😂

  • Why is Grealish being compared with AM players when hes on the LW?

  • @Pez he is playing LW at the moment but his best position is AM for sure.

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  • Just a couple examples of his heat maps in Villa’s most recent games, for people who keep insisting he’s a LW

  • Grealish has been playing on the left in a front 3 or from the left in a 4-5-1 majority of the season so I'd view him in a bracket with players like Salah, Mane, Mahrez, Sterling, Silva, Traore, Jota, Saint Maxim, Zaha etc.

    Yes he gets a free role at Villa so drifts further back on the pitch but it's a more relative comparison for me then a central attacking mid. I also think there is something of a 'Zaha like paradox' with him where his game has become tailored to winning fouls rather than game changing vision. Maybe that's to do with the players around him or maybe that's just his natural play style, be interesting to see if he succeeds at a top club.

  • A transfer to United makes absolutely no sense since the Bruno transfer. He regularly wouldn't start ahead of Rashford on the left, Bruno at CAM or Pogba at CM so where does he play? While there's no doubt he's extremely talented, United aren't going to spend £80m on a rotation option regardless of what people may say about their CL ambitions or squad depth. They're also not going to play him on the right considering he's completely unproven and there are numerous alternatives who play there week in week out. Rashford can play up front if required but he's not a striker so it's unlikely they would play him there just to accommodate Grealish.

    The arguments about his output in such a poor team are shaky at best too. Again I'm not doubting his ability but he's the ONLY creative outlet Villa have and absolutely everything goes through him. There's no way he puts up the same numbers in a team like United or Spurs.

    Speaking of shining lights in crap teams, what about Emi Buendia? Younger and cheaper - is being English and dubious United links really worth an extra 3 quid?

  • @MikeWagner said in Grealish:

    is being English and dubious United links really worth an extra 3 quid?

    My experience of the index thus far would tell me yes.

  • Sold today to market. Been in the queue a long time! He will 100% not move to united unless pogba leaves so I'll get back on if that happens

  • @FINorth

    You must have been 1 ahead of me in the queue, that said, i only put him in the queue last week but hes going though for me now

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