• Thoughts on his price and prospects? If stays at Villa, will he plummet? Obviously if he moves to United he’ll rocket, but what about another club, say Arsenal for example?

  • Is that move already factored into his price?

  • I think that’s irrelevant as he’ll obviously fly if moves to United, no?!

  • @chaps1988 Probably, almost a £1 more expensive than Maddison so some of the move factored in to current price IMO

  • One thing to consider is that Grealish is yet to be called up to the England squad, so there will be a spike if and when this happens.

    My guess is....
    If he gets a concrete link to United he will probably rise to £7.50, if he signs he will probably go up to around £9 (though where his price settles at will depend on his performances afterwards and might settle at £7/8 (that said he will be a media magnet and will probably take some of the spotlight of Fernandez and Poggers should a move materialise).

    if he ends up going to Arsenal/Spurs etc i suspect his price will end up at around £4 / £4.50

  • I hold at a fairly high buy price and have some concerns that he might stay at Villa or end up at an Everton (no specific shade meant, just mean non-Top 6) or similar. As mentioned tho, an England call-up should cause a spike, and hopefully he'll continue his good form for seasons to come. Or at least this season!

  • I held Grealish for a while but then let him go a while back as I had concerns about his potential status within the United squad. Can't see him owning a starting position and therefore I worried about what that would mean for his value. As a United fan I'd like to see him sign but as an investor I decided to look elsewhere.

  • My concern is United clearly have other areas to prioritise. Where Grealish likes to play on the left side of midfield/attack we have Rashford, Martial and Pogba if he stays. On the right we have Lingard and James. That’s clearly the area to improve, eg Sancho. So think there’s a lot of hot air with the Grealish rumours, especially with a dubious attitude which Solskjaer is clearly trying to avoid/get rid of with the departures of some players.

    I think Grealish would be the Pogba replacement, but can’t see any club foolish enough to pay 100m for Pogba, especially with how Coronavirus has affected finances.

  • I don't think I've ever changed my opinion on a player as much as I have on Grealish, when Villa came up I thought he was over hyped, only really looked good because he could do whatever he wanted. But watching him this season I think he's an absolutely top class player and I think he will only get better when he joins a bigger team (no offence Villa). I'd absolutely love United to sign him as I think he's quite versatile and has the attitude to be able to make it at a big club, but I think if he was to sign it would be if Pogba left and I don't see that happening this season. Whatever team ends up with him is getting some player IMO, from memory I don't think a player has stood out as much as he has for a team down the bottom in a long long time

  • @ChazFI123 I agree. He has really shone, which has surprised me. Looks class, and has earned some decent PB divs for villa this season, so not horrendous if he stayed.
    But there are uncertainties: he may not make the starting XI at United, and if he doesn’t get a move this summer will probably drop closer to Maddison.
    So watching in the wings for now.

  • @Valhalla yeah personally I wouldn’t get involved at his price unless I was willing to hold for the 3 years. I think he could be a superstar in a couple years but it wouldn’t surprise me if he dropped a fair amount along the way, at the end of his 3 year period I think he could be £10+ as he could be a genuine MB and PB threat. On a selfish note, I wouldn’t be that disappointed if he stayed at Villa as I could jump on board if he did!

  • I'm convinced he has the ability but does he fit with what Utd are trying to do? I think he is a liability of the pitch and not sure that is what OGS is looking to develop the youngsters coming through........ role model I have serious doubts. Maddison I'm not convinced of either.

    Also can see Lingard going.

  • Personally I would give Pogba a severe boot in the balls and ask him can he turn it around and become a legend and if he is not interested, sell and break the bank for Sancho and Havertz.

  • @trig that is not going to happen

  • Agree Sancho or Havertz look highly unlikely this year. Can see Grealish being about the most feasible ‘big’ signing this year. Nothing more than a guess but I think if he has a couple of match winning performances for Villa the momentum for a transfer will be inevitable

  • Surely the best possible scenario is he stays at an improved Villa side for another year. More MB speculation, less in team competition for PBs, continuing rising profile as the Euros approach.

  • Keen to know what you think Grealish's value would be as a squad member at United? I personally don't think he will be a first-choice starter so trying to weigh up what a seemingly likely move would do to his price...

  • Of course he would be a starter. Are you living under a rock?

  • @Hint instead of who? Assuming everyone stays at United

  • Unlikely they would sign him for £80m and then start Mata or James ahead of him!

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