Red Everywhere

  • Anyone else experiencing a copious amount of red today?

    Had a nice looking portfolio, but today it looks like a sinking ship.

    Don’t believe in panic selling, but this testing my nerves.

  • @Lizzle i know....Ronaldo down 28p, Messi down 17p (not in CL but still a drop considering he is in the WC) and James Rodriguez down 14p (who has been amazing for Bayern in the CL).....maybe someone can confirm whether triple buzz wins still apply for SF and F in a European competition? or is it like a single matchday dividend because i thought that it was triple....

  • @AndyP32 just found this to confirm...


  • its funny because all my cryptos and shares are up today and my FI is down... for the last few months i've had FI surges and Crypto falls so now its roles reversal!!!!! Time to put some of that crypto money into FI and buy more perhaps???

  • Looks like all the money is going into Salah. He's rocketing !

  • certainly think with the MB surrounding his Roman return he's guaranteed a couple of pay days and will be a media magnate for a week or two in the run up... Destiny anyone??? I prefer to look at the 'bigger' picture than a couple of Champions League games and maybe hop on to those that are falling instead!

  • Ditto - & Footi down. Reckon we will have the usual pre 2pm rush to start the recovery and then the investment rush for the weekend games. Hold your nerve. All good.
    First time I have noticed a sell off across the market though. Maybe a trend with End of season and WC to come.
    Investment opportunity...

  • It’s been an extremely bad week for me started on Tuesday got worse as the week went on. Gonna hold my nerve and hope for an upsurge this weekend.

  • I only joined two weeks ago and basically finalised my portfolio last night.
    Only around 4 quid up but that's been more or less halved today.
    Not bothered too much as all my players a lo g term holds for summer transfers.
    Still shocked though at the amount of players plummeting.
    Bit of a joke though

  • I think some people have been taking out some profit atm as the whole index was down yesterday. Personally I was down yesterday and up today mainly because salah and Trent keeping me afloat today.

    We've got two weeks till the next trader meet so may be some people pulling cash now to pump in with a bonus post trader meet

  • Lost all my profit on Jean Kevin Augustin last night but no way will I panic sell him. He'll come good again soon, what a talent.

  • peaks and troughs. Nothing to be worried about and I've been here many times on various markets. Take advantage of the drops in the decent players as they are on sale right now. It will always bounce back. Remember the long game. The footie has gone from 1000pts to 17481pts in 2.5 years. Simply staggering growth! A little correction for a few days or even weeks is very healthy and very advantageous if you have some spare cash to invest.

  • @Mr-Matt Yep, I totally agree.

  • Just frustrating that all my cash is tied up in the falling futures.

  • @NewUser116861 I took the opportunity to buy him on the cheap, the guy is class, he will recover

  • It looks like the main players hit are Real , Bayern and Atletico players after the CL and EL draws. So I'd expect them to bounce back before the semis and then rise again depending who wins these games

  • @NewUser116861

    Me also, will be different gravy, not at all bothered by the drop. When Werner moves on he will play every game and show his potential.

  • A few players still creeping up too. Foden looking good

  • Also bare in ind theiss 6 games left, a lot of people re gona start cashing out on there PB players unless of course already hod for the wc

  • Yeah if we all know the trends are changing to World cup and transfer rumours then get ahead of it and do it. People will be moving out of PB players as they won't feature again until next season. They'll be doing it with a few games to go to be sure they get the sale as the sale queues could be crazy at the end of the season otherwise. Your best bet is low value transfer options, just everyone remember, sell up on a profit so you're one of the guys who makes money on it.

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