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  • Hi, is there any Way of checking the date you bought a share of a player? I have held some shares for quite a while now and don’t want them to expire. I think I read somewhere you can have them for upto 3 years but could be wrong on that. I have a rough idea of who I bought when I first started using the app but wanted to check all the early transactions. Any help would be appreciated and thanks for reading...... Steve

  • @NewUser159470

    If I remember correctly, Transaction history, using the website, should have everything you need mate.

  • if you are on a PC
    You can download your transaction history by going onto the transaction summary in your account and downloading the .csv file

    you have to go backwards in batches of 3 months.

    EDIT: ^or wot he said

  • Nice one, thanks to you both. I’ve only ever being doing this on my iPhone!

  • As a matter of interest who did you buy and hold for three years and what did you buy them at.. Be good to see the growth in them over a 3 year period

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