Proof of Earnings after reaching threshold?

  • So I have reached some sort of threshold regards deposits and while it will be my last deposit for some time they want a proof of income.

    So due to CV19 I'm now no longer working bit finished up on the 30th April, so have used my savings as in investment.

    Will this prove a problem when they have asked for my last pay slip etc????

    I did the other due diligence tests no problem and I dont have anything to hide, just concerned that I'm no longer employed is this a problem with FI?

  • @trig

    I wouldn't be too concerned mate. There appears to be a wave of financial checks being carried out at the minute, which I assume is the company's attempt to avoid being fined by the gambling commission.

    Just explain your situation to them. There will surely be several other users in the same boat.

    Your current predicament might make things a little more time consuming, but if your finances are transparent, in line with your occupation and open to scrutiny then I'm hopeful you will get this resolved after a few emails.

    Best of luck, and if things are not going as planned, let the forum know and we can possibly suggest an alternative approach. 👍

  • @trig can’t see it being a problem mate when I first joined I put in a few hundred then a couple of grand then took a chunk of my savings to put in so account was suspended and they asked for proof of address bank details plus where I worked etc from what I remember was all sorted in a day or so

  • should be grand then, cheers lads.

  • It’s just legal checks that FI are obligated to carry out through gambling commissions you will be fine

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