Withdraw money from account

  • Can’t withdraw anything from account says I have to make a deposit first even tho I’ve put something in allready, any body got ideas

  • Are you trying to withdraw to a different card? If so you need to deposit a small amount so the system recognises the card. Hope this help.

  • @NewUser471393 I have this problem all the time! It's probably due to a refer a friend coming in to your account and knocking your card details off?

    Deposit a tenner links your card again...

    But I have 2 problems with this... No gambling site should force customers to deposit when they actually want to withdraw!

    And its another credit record of putting money into a gambling site even though you are not actually gambling that time.

    It's a disgrace. I've asked them to sort it out fir over a year, but I had this problem again last week.

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