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  • I've just opened a football index account on 04/06/20 with a starting capital £100. I'm a complete novice to football & getting into this with no knowledge. I'm going to list my current portfolio below & wondered if you'd give your opinion's on good buy's, bad buy's & anything you feel neutral about.

    Date Details Quantity Total
    Sun 07/06/20 - 09:51:42 Timo Werner 1 £5.90
    Sun 07/06/20 - 09:07:57 Timo Werner 1 £5.95
    Sat 06/06/20 - 20:20:32 John Fleck 1 £0.50
    Sat 06/06/20 - 14:47:10 Francisco Trincao 1 £2.63
    Sat 06/06/20 - 13:12:06 Ben Chilwell 1 £2.48
    Sat 06/06/20 - 12:56:43 Gareth Bale 1 £1.65
    Sat 06/06/20 - 12:24:23 Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 1 £1.85
    Sat 06/06/20 - 10:51:32 Dele Alli 1 £2.00
    Sat 06/06/20 - 09:43:55 Timo Werner 1 £6.20
    Sat 06/06/20 - 09:43:55 Timo Werner 1 £6.25
    Sat 06/06/20 - 00:19:21 Sadio Mane 1 £2.79
    Fri 05/06/20 - 23:58:49 Mohamed Salah 1 £3.48
    Fri 05/06/20 - 23:58:19 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 1 £1.56
    Fri 05/06/20 - 20:57:20 Tammy Abraham 1 £2.50
    Fri 05/06/20 - 20:57:11 Harry Kane 1 £6.85
    Fri 05/06/20 - 19:13:45 Lionel Messi 1 £4.75
    Fri 05/06/20 - 19:03:39 Tammy Abraham 1 £2.50
    Fri 05/06/20 - 19:01:59 Jamie Vardy 1 £1.15
    Fri 05/06/20 - 18:48:14 Dominic Calvert-Lewin 4 £8.40
    Fri 05/06/20 - 18:41:57 Tammy Abraham 2 £5.00
    Fri 05/06/20 - 18:35:15 Tammy Abraham 1 £2.50
    Fri 05/06/20 - 18:25:23 Dominic Calvert-Lewin 1 £2.10
    Thu 04/06/20 - 23:20:51 Timo Werner 1 £6.54
    Thu 04/06/20 - 23:11:51 Timo Werner 1 £6.55

  • @Robert tbf the players you've bought aren't bad and whilst you're learning the ropes it's a great way to start. I recommend building up the amount of shares you have. I for example have always tried to hold 100 shares minimum to make any rises or divs worthy but appreciate not everyone's budget allows it.

    The only player standing out to me that I wouldn't buy is bale (that's my opinion) however that said, should they open up media to overseas he will rise easily.

  • I'm kind of in the same boat. I started in April but deposited monthly £50, £75,£75.

    The advice above is great, it's what I do currently except mine is to get 20 shares in the players I have. Reached my target of 20 in three players so far. It's very frustrating having shares in Tammy (5) who I bought at £2.60 and I think is £2.75 because it's making me hardly anything in terms of cap app.

    If your on a limited budget or just building your knowledge start slow. Because I have a lack of disposable I am always trying to find the next few players that may start to trend.

    Good luck.

  • Decent port however the older players are seen as a bit of a liability in FI, so keep an eye on their progress and try to capitalise on any profit before they turn sour.

    I would suggest adding some youngsters as well to give the port some more chances to grow.

    I think you are reasonably set up for dividends so you will see some income coming through which is always nice.

    Good luck

  • Some good buys
    Timo Werner I think is just bad timming
    And with order player u need to think of an exit strategy with like of Messi, anyone over 30 doesn't usually do well look at Kroos graph since he turns 30
    Try to go for hype and player u believe in that no one else does and don't follower twitter tips

  • I think the advice about holding more shares in less players is key. If a player’s price goes up 5p but you only hold one share it’s going to take much longer to grow your port, whereas if you hold 10/20/50 etc this adds up much quicker. You just need to find a balance between holding a lot of shares and still having a diverse portfolio.

    It may be worth looking at the <£1 market if you’re operating with lower capital amounts. It’s great to be able to hold premium players like Werner but you really need to have a significant amount before you see the real benefits of cap app and dividends. These players aren’t as glamerous but there’s lots of value and it’s fun when they perform well in a game and see a big rise or win some pb dividends.

    One of the biggest pitfalls I fell into when I first started was overtrading. Buying/selling on a regular basis and chasing trends can be a good way to lose money quickly, whether this be through selling at a loss or selling early and missing a rise in that player. My advice would be to take the time to do your research, pick players you have complete faith in and stay patient. When you start getting an itchy trigger finger just remember why you bought the players and if those reasons haven’t changed then hold on!

  • Most of use have been there starting our FI journey do as much research as you have time to do. Spend time studying how the platform works ,have a strategy and patience is the best bit of adive I could give you. TRANSFORMARKT is as good as any to do some research good luck

  • @Robert Timo is a good shout at the moment for Match day and Media Divs. Hes in them almost every day at the moment. The mistake I made at the beginning was buying one and two shares in a player so the profit was really small, once I started buying 10/20 that's when you notice a profit/loss (because I didn't have a clue) . With the leagues starting again soon it will be a bumper month if you can pick up top performers. Aubameyang could be a good shout.

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