Does anyone take a few months off the index to see what is going on?

  • I have recently taken a few months off the index to get my head around it all. Any others do the same?

  • yes i have done this. over the last 2 years ive doubled my money on FI, but a couple of months ago withdrew all, and just sat back and watched until now. due to the matching engine i have returned with a slightly different strategy, as we all know it is going to be harder to make money going forward (as it should be!).

  • @Tom7471 I'd like to but I'm fairly new (don't have the benefit of having bought at low prices in most cases) and the fluctuations are coming thick and fast! Pandemic, matching engine, potential PB/MB changes etc so trying to be proactive rather than reactive. Maybe when sell orders come in, I'll sit back a bit

  • My strategy was always buy players really low and sell them higher and not play for the dividends. With the matching engine that's all changed for me so I have sold up and I'm now researching for dividend winners around the £1.50 mark and see how I can make my money work from there.

  • Took a 7 month break and came back in early april. Needed the money for a house purchase. Also probably had a little too much invested if I’m honest, and it became less enjoyable and more stressful.
    Really missed FI in my time away. Since I’ve been back, I’m playing with a much more reasonable sum, and I’m loving it. It was good to take a little break.

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