Seeking passion--keep pb/change pb?

  • I've toyed with the idea of an article on my site about my fears of any changes to the pb matrix and FI moving towards never locking rules and measures down for a substantial time for us to trade by. I know this provokes a lot of debate amongst us. So ideally I'd like a range of views from the forum and twitter showing both sides of the argument.

    If you are interested, dm me or email your views to

    Im genuinely keen to hear from those that hold Trent and kostic etc but are in favour of a pb matrix change.

    Also like to see if there are any who would vote change as they don't hold Trent?

    Any to vote keep it but don't hold Trent?

    Anyone like me who has now sold up the holds they feel could be affected?

    Anyone trying to be ahead of the changes and stocking up on those that could benefit?

    Absolutely all ideas, thoughts and feelings very welcome... If it's just me, I won't do it as it may be quite a negative article about fi which I am keen to avoid for the good of the platform. But a balanced set of opinions could be healthy.

    I'm guessing the survey will be out this week, so reactions and answers to it will help this article too, if the article is put before the survey it may help people vote with clarity. I will aim to get it out ASAP in hope of it being before the survey, so get in touch ASAP if up for it- don't need to write much, bullet points will do.


  • @Westy

    Any change understandably will cause uncertainty & anxiety but as a TAA holder (not Kostic) he is so significantly ahead of most other defenders , especially since Kimmich & Achrafi have been reclassified to Mid, that I expect him to compete & threaten PB wins under almost any form of PB matrix. I remember how passing CB's went from regular winners to also rans when the last PB matrix changes were implemented, so do understand & sympathise that certain types or individual players can be adversely affected but as the platform develops no changes, ever is an unsustainable position IMO but the current PB matrix seems largely fit for purpose so any changes should be minor. MB however needs fundamental reform but that's a different thread!

    Personally I would favour an annual Summer review, as platform stability & certainty are just as important as a relevant PB scoring matrix IMHO.

  • @NewUser159387 thanks, you happy for me to put that in the article (screen shot)? I'm the pro change camp?

  • @Westy said in Seeking passion--keep pb/change pb?:

    you happy for me to put that in the article (screen shot)?

    No problem.

  • Far more interested in mb changes ... that’s the broken part for me that needs simple adjustments. What is the point of having word united gain a bonus , it’s stupid and ill though out and probably the singularly hardest thing for me to explain to new users who are friends thinking of buying mb players. It’s a nonsense advantage.
    With regard to PB in favour of review biannually with regard minor tweaks and with regard to crossing I’d say it is massively overplayed that a change to unsuccessful which I believe should be considered will effect Trent.
    He still is so far ahead in all metrics that his prices to me is right on all the fundamentals and he still would be as dominant post any adjustment .
    For clarity I hold TAA zero plans on selling more likely to top up actually, and do not fear changes in crossing and their impact for him in particular, agree though that Kostic would be impacted significantly

  • @Westy I own both Kostic and Arnold who I think are both more susceptible to any PB matrix change than TAA - the player that seems to draw the most attention in these conversations. However, I do think unsuccessful crosses are too heavily rewarded and, whilst I would be against a complete overhaul, I would welcome tweaks that make the product better and more realistic overall.

    A cross can still be a good cross even if it is unsuccessful (could be the fault of a forward for not making a run or good defending) so should have some recognition, just not as much as at present. Other tweaks I would like to see at this stage are addressing the definition of a game winning goal, better recognition of multiple goals and better recognition of goalkeepers.

    As I say, I think only tweaks rather than drastic changes are needed but also disagree with the notion that has been put forward that changes should be fixed for a minimum 2 or 3 year period. If any changes lead to unintended consequences, I think it would be more harmful if these then cannot then be addressed for a long period of time. The 3 year bet argument is often used but how often do people actually hold a player for 3 years?

  • @Westy limited time at the moment but wanted to add some input here.

    I don't hold Trent or Kostic

    • Open minded with regards to changes to the PB matrix and happy either way
    • Crosses at the moment are a quirk in the matrix, especially rewarding unsuccessful ones
    • Buying into these quirks is OK, but shouldn't be the sole focus for any portfolio and always viewed as something which will change
    • A good portfolio should be able to ride out any changes and level itself out (obviously with the exception of any radical interventions or low balls)
    • All round PB players should be the main focus for long term stability (Messi?) and not players who fit a specific quirk on the current system
    • Not to say Trent does by the way as he's great all round and will likely benefit from any change
    • As for what I would like to see - Tackles rewarded more highly. Such an important part of the game

  • @Metropolis yeh all good points.

    Just think its very hard for anyone to build a matrix to score footballers on without it leading to favour a select few. People calling it the crossing index will need to be ready to moan about it being the heading matrix, or tackling matrix, sideways pass matrix in 9 months times and prepare for any good pb holds to be under threat again...

    By all means have one more go at sorting it, but then lock it in so long term strategy is available, yield farming is available-we can put our money on players shown to suit it- yth scouting is available- we know what skills to look out for etc.

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