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  • How many trader are selling there shares when the spreads are tight waiting for the dip and buyin back in the same player on the ME ?

  • @NewUser157192

    Decent strategy but limited numbers possible in my experience (supply & demand limited) & higher priced players where the liquidity is better attract larger commission costs, so need bigger price swings but there's definitely a significant advantage for patient traders to exploit over the impulsive ones.

    I'm regularly buying squad players at 50%+ discounts to the MS price, so can afford to wait to sell until market sentiment towards them improves.

  • @NewUser157192

    Doing it quite a lot, buying the same player on the dip, letting him spike and in many cases getting back on him, and as @westy has stated it's ok to take a 10% profit. Passlack, & Wober I have bought both 3 or 4 times in a day and passed them on, sometimes within an hour.

    Felix Passlack and Marcel Sabitzer I rebuy frequently, though I am finding my French portfolio is growing in case it all goes wrong and there will be good value when it finally reopens.

  • I've done this on a really random player that i only bought as there was no IS on him, i put the lowest IS bid possible- someone dumped him to me at a third of market price.

    Straight away i listed on market thinking there's a chance with a summer transfer that he starts selling... within days im selling him at full market price- just got a few more to shift, then I'm highly considering put the same low bid in again as nothing has changed for me- he needs a summer transfer, if he gets it, then he is worth his market value.

    Im starting to clear out my port a bit, but once they sell i am putting a cheap buy back order in and withdrawing the rest.

    Think I may have been very lucky it the 200% punt so far, I am keen to test it again. But it does seem some people will just buy from market and not wait for bids to come in.

  • @Gresty 10% is decent in this world right now. Even 5% in a short time is good. This is where the football markets can smash real world.

    I have always been a long term buyer on here, thats where ive seen holds go up to over 600% etc. But with the news of where i think FI is heading i will move to short term trading and thats where il be happy taking 10% on a trade then move the kitty to another swiftly. We will have to see how FI develops this summer. I much prefer the buy and hold (ride dips) take divs approach, but i fear these days may be balances will start to be key- we will see...hope im wrong. If im wrong il happily buy back into the premiums ive just sold.

  • @Westy

    I don't know what the future holds, today there is an opportunity to do short term trading, my port are players I'm happy to trade in long term, I'm growing on that strategy, happy to take a minimum of 10%, most often more, however I have one player I trade in daily and take 5% and I've doubled my stockholding in him.

    Tomorrow may be different, FI will certainly change in the coming months, but I will take it on a day by day basis.

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