• Well seeing the recent spike in the price since the Wolve's promotion, does anyone see a fall coming any time soon after the season?

  • I hope not as I've just bought 10! Long term hope he'll be a good buy.

  • yes massively, anyone not cashing out now thats in big green needs there head looked at. he is 1/5 with the bookies to stay with wolves, rough off the top of my head figures, hes £2.35 erickson is £2.80 surely i dont have to break down the pros and cons on this one.

  • It's a difficult one with Neves. He'll be at the world cup with Portugal, and if he performs well there and has a good first half of next season, his price could shoot up with the speculation in January. Obviously this is all ifs and buts, I'm gonna hold at least through the world cup

  • All i will say is, if your an above average player at your level the championship its easy to look the nuts, if he dont move his price will halve is a struggling wolves team next season. if he moves yeah you might get a 50p rise, for me its very high risk for low reward, but i have laboured this point enough now so gona stop annoying all the Neves holders now and leave it there.

  • Just to offer a different opinion on this. Wolves win the league with a win at home to a struggling Birmingham on Sunday, a game on TV. Why would you sell now?!

  • I think parallels can be drawn between Neves and Teves at West ham (not suggesting Wolves have broken any rules) Players clearly well above the level of the rest of the team, put in a league with a view to a transfer to a big club. I cant imagine he isn't at a big club within a year or two.

    There will be bumps along the way but I think he will be a £3+ player soon enough. Plenty of drops to come and chances to buy in low and sell high. I'm planning on holding through Portugal's warm up games and make a decision after that.

  • @Ozzlebert - £3+ would be epic, a way off though if he indeed does get there. He's by far the best player that the championship has seen in many years and I think the United links will persist over the summer. Even if he stays at Wolves I'll be able to de-risk for a nice profit and watch what happens next year. I'm also on Jota since £1.01 - think both will rise again this weekend and beyond. Own both obviously and they are two of my favourite holds atm

  • Are wolves doing that with a view to a big transfer or r they just paying money for players with a view to going into the prem next year and being ambitious.

  • @John-Renwick good question, realistically it would take 3-5 years with FFP for them to be able to get the level that Neves could be at in 1 year or even now. I don't doubt the clubs ambition but FFP has made it a lot harder to jump so quickly to match his ability.

  • @John-Renwick - I think they are deadly serious about establishing themselves as a Premier League team. There will be more big signings in the summer due to Jorge Mendez's involvement and they have the investment and infrastructure to accommodate their plans (the year they got relegated they spent a small fortune on their stadium and a new training ground rather than the squad)

  • @Ozzlebert debate time, do u think that's stopped clubs from buying success and financially crippling their club as intended? Or just made big team more prone to selling more? Benefits only the agents I reckon!

  • @John-Renwick I think its has made money for more than just agents, its the accountants and Lawyers too!

    I worried at the time that it would just lock in the big clubs, but Tottenham have shown it is possible with some good management and planning (not a spurs fan but do admire Levy's and Potch's work). I was talking to a friend about them last year and looked through the first team and every player had been bought for around £10m. Compare that to Everton this year and it shows that you can still throw money away or build a team for pennies.

    We haven't had many major issues like Pompey or Leeds since it came in so guess it has had its intended impact and we have still seen clubs like Bournemouth spend well to get to the promised land so it shows that a sugar daddy can still make an impact.

    I think it has been a relative success in England but really interesting to see what happens with PSG as they are clearly treading very closely on the edge of the rules.

    It still posible to ruin a club or to spend to be successful, just think its harder now so I like FFP as I want clever well run clubs to be rewarded and i think if the rules are enforced properly this is what will happen.

  • @John-Renwick As a added benefit to FI users I can see some PSG players cheap at the moment that have a good chance of coming to the only league that can afford the wages that PSG pay and might need to be sold off by PSG to comply with FFP.

  • @Ozzlebert think u might be right about that one

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