Takefusa Kubo

  • Anyone have any strong view on this lad kubo .
    I know he is on loan at Majorca from Madrid and is known as the Japanese messi at home.
    I haven’t seen enough of him to form a strong opinion just Weighing up whether to take a long term punt on him in advance of la liga starting up.
    Appreciate if anyone can guide me here on his potential.

  • @BMCG

    Not got he chance to see him properly.. lots of hype so must be something about him ..

    Personally, ahead of la liga I've invested in Adnan Januzaj - was in good form before the break and will be involved in the euros in a years time. The price he's at around 70p is much more attractive to me.

  • @MI25
    Thanks for the tip but mr international isn’t one for me ....granted he might be finally doing something now on pitch in Spain and he still young but can’t get the image of him labouring about for Sunderland out of my head. My port is light on Spain bar feran Torres and and odegarard so wanna add some more fast before restart out there .Only really want young potential long term pb talents.

  • @BMCG probably can’t go to wrong with oyarzabel young gets in the Spain squad and definitely got a transfer in him and if he don’t move this summer he’s probably got European football next season price hasnt moved much in the last few months either obviously do your own research

  • @BMCG

    You cant go wrong with odegard and torres.. quality players. Offcourse he was terrible at Sunderland and after too but i seen his last few games for sociedad and he really looked good which is why ive taken the risk. If it works il make a lot of profit if not i dont see too much loss in his value.

  • @Carboney

    Top player on penalties too.. . But januzaj value is appealong to me with regard to FI .. i think on his day he can post big PB score and the way FI works from what i can gather it worth it for me personally. Offcourse oyarzabal is a proven player.

  • @Carboney
    Great shout I remember there was big rumours coming Up to jan transfer window that Munich we’re looking at him. Right age and trajectory I love a left winger on pens , sold I’m in 👍

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