Tears in my soup!

  • I’m crying over my soup! All my players are in the red! I thought FI was booming!?

  • I do love soup though, what flavour was it?

  • It seems odds that so many players have plummeted.
    I joined two weeks ago and was up at 4% gain and now it's just under 2%.
    Im not too concerned though as most of my players are cheap ones with a view to them getting a move in the summer.
    My most expensive player is Isco who I bought 10 futures in last night and he has shot down today.
    Hopefully he will come back up once World Cup kicks off and no doubt he will get transfer rumours.
    Don't panic mate

  • Jokes aside it is mate, however its not a magic money tree where you can just buy a player with little thought, FI goes through trends were about to or in the proceeds of a very very big trend change, which is going to leave some inexperienced traders throwing that bowl of soup across the room, my advice, is always think one step ahead to stay ahead of trends understand the trends and dont buy players for the idea of the gamble of a few 4p divs over the WC as most of them players are well overinflated already and some people are going to be in for a serious shock come end of the WC

  • Not to brag, just to make a point, on the run up to everyone getting on WC players, my profile stayed stagnant for ages, listening to everyone go on about amazing gains, at this point i had already reshaped my portfolio for the summer transfer market, I have not been effected at all by the drops of the last day or 2. my point is, be aware of trends and the smart traders are always one month ahead, so like i said were about to enter a huge trend shift, so bare this in mind, obviously the rises people were enjoying with there WC profile is already slowing down, the sensible traders taking there profit early to get ready for the next trend, I have mentioned the blood bath that will soon follow for some time and the fact a lot of people will be disappointed with how hard dividends are to pick up during the WC, be aware of future trends and anticipate change in the market value of certain players.

  • @SMacFI
    I bought Isco more for summer transfer rumours.

  • A player i know little of or followed as not in my stratagy

  • @SMacFI
    You seem quite up to speed with things.
    I bought 10 futures in him last night along with 10 each in Pjaca, Terrier and Harit.
    What you make of the other 3

  • My strategy is fining value in players below a £1-£150 max i research them all day, obviously i know a little about the other end of the market, but not enough to make comments on i would put my name too, apart from the odd player you cant help but know about, so would rather leave someone else more crude up than me to advice rather than comment for the sake of it when, not that clued up on a certain player.

  • @SMacFI
    The other 3 fit your strategy perfectly.
    Take a look let me know what you think.

  • @SMacFI tomato soup, to match the red!!!

  • @Comrade said in Tears in my soup!:


    Cant go wrong with Tomato.

    Ok did a very quick google search, didnt cross reference any of these of these players on edge or other sources a part from hartit on who scored, as it gets to time consuming, i remember looking looking at Pajaca the other day so didnt look again now, and thought he had potential for his price, but already forgotten pros and cons, but from memory very cheap, so low risk. Terrier, couldn't see any upto date transfer links, am quite anti players out with the top 5 anyways, so he didnt impress me , Harit by a quick look on google only joined Shackle last year, and has played i think 24 games scored 3 assisted 3 and is nearly £1, didnt check his edge pb, but again that didnt impress me either for his price, but like i said only did very quick research on all 3, for me the value is in Pjaca, but I didnt invest myself few days ago when i looked, weather that was because i had no free cash or thought theres better investments

  • I like Pjaca, he's done a good job on loan at schalke. As a traditional winger who likes to run at full backs he's not likely to score amazingly high without goals but he does have a bit of an eye for goal. A world cup with Croatia if he plays, which I have a suspicion he will, his current price is 67p. If he does well this summer his price will rise. He'll either get a transfer or get back into the Juve first team squad. I'd say this is a relatively safe bet.

  • @SMacFI
    Terrier is at Strasbourg on loan from Lyon.
    My hope is he goes back to Lyon and pushes for a place in the first team.
    Of course it could go horribly wrong lol

  • @Comrade said in Tears in my soup!:

    Terrier is at Strasbourg on loan from Lyon.
    My hope is he goes back to Lyon and pushes for a place in the first team.
    Of course it could go horribly wrong lol

    All would say on that is, whats his price 60p, you could hold him 6-9months, before he gets his chance in the first team. so your cash is stagnating for a long time. what i do is scout all the young players, rather than then buy them all, i wait for team line ps to be announced, then buy them when there in first team, eventually at a similar price and potentially 9months of stagnating cash. however i have got burt on that one recently, been watching Dawid Kownacki for 6months ish, no starting place as know hes quality, but it seems everyone has caught on to his talent and hes rocketed in price, so i have missed out on that

  • @SMacFI
    Just topped up my account to buy 10 futures in Jonny Evans.
    Convinced he will move in the Summer.
    That's me put in all can afford now so need to sit back, wait, cross my fingers and hope for the best.

  • Good luck mate

  • @SMacFI
    Thanks I will need it lol

  • @Comrade I think thats a low risk trade there, you wont lose cash on him, but hard tp put a figure on his raise, but i would say has to be a minimum of 20p with his 3 mil release clause, even though i have heard hes been playing pony of late, 3mil is lose change to the big 6 for a tested experienced defender even though becomes a bench player. just the rumours alone will generate a minimum of 20p, just make sure you sell before the transfer completes as every player takes a big drop when a transfer is confirmed

  • @NewUser128630 don't panic mate we've had a few days of plateau. The good news is there is another trader event scheduled for 5th may. The index historically had a mini boom when each trader event has happened so something to look forward to.

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