Jota vs Richarlison

  • Debating between these two as I’m looking to get on a cheap prem forward. Jota gets higher peak scores but less overall minutes on the pitch and Wolves have a team that could force him out of the lineup.

    I know there’s EL for Jota but this may actually increase rotation of squad so not a huge benefit for me. Both have transfers in them but may not be the main man if they go to a big club. What’s the thinking, who should I get on and why?

  • I hold both, and think both are great long term holds. Jota has the 7th most scores of 225+, I can't believe Adama is so much more expensive than him

  • Everton wont have european footy next year.
    Jota most likely will imo and a good possibility for euros also.
    No brainer for me.
    Also Jota still in europa now.

  • Both good holds for me. Both get good PBs for there clubs, shame Jota seems to get subbed quite often. Both young and will definitely have transfer links

  • I'm an Evertonian and I hold Richarlison. Silva's use of him was criminal. Really looking forward to seeing what he can do in a fully-functioning team next season, particularly if we invest this summer.

  • Jota is one of the first names on the teamsheet, I can't see him being dropped unless he has a severe drop in form. He does tend to have spells across a season where he's unstoppable and then fades however i think with the talented Neto ready to step into the team it's improved competition and performance from the front 3. Jota also links up very well with Raul.

    I also don't see Jota moving anytime soon, we currently have a superb manager and fantastic owners who are building something and I fully expect him to make the breakthrough and establish himself in the Portuguese XI

  • Currently hold neither but have bought and sold Jota during COVID for decent profit. I personally think hes easily the better player of the 2 and probably a better PB player than Richarlison also, unless and until a PB tweak brings in points for falling on the floor, at which point I reckon Richarlison will absolutely soar to £12

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