Best way to distribute a 10k portfolio - number of shares in MB/PB/Cap App?

  • Hi guys, looking for a word of advice. Currently have 50 shares in long term holds PB/Cap App and 150 in MB across 31 players...What would your strategy be? How many players would you have? 50 shares often doesn't feel like enough? Maybe time for a portfolio reshuffle?

    If this has been a thread already please point me in the right direction.

    Cheers, LT

  • @FootyIndexerLT

    Usually dictated by your attitude to risk; personally i prefer diversity, so no hold to account for >2% of my portfolio, except in exceptional circumstances. Many prefer to have small 10-20 player ports which are far easier to manage but by definition concentrate higher risk, great when players are rising but not so much if they fall or have a career threatening injury.

    No right or wrong answer just personal preference, i like to base my trading around rules but will break them when I think an opportunity is too good to miss, like in my opinion Bruno was in January before his Man Utd transfer for example, who currently represents over 6% of my port mainly due to more than doubling in price since my purchase. I regularly review my holds to both check the reasons to buy/hold remain in place & also either take profits or top up depending on my current view of their future prospects. It's always very tempting to over trade but sometimes just doing nothing is best, especially if your original strategy still holds good.

  • @NewUser159387 Cheers for the reply mate.

    Makes a lot of sense. It feels like the platform is going through a Cap App stage and dividends have lost their pull/importance - maybe it's because we're at the end of a season or intro of the ME? It's been frustrating that my smaller holds are the ones getting attention! I always question what number of shares make PB players effective but I guess it's the same % yield regardless.

  • I would stick it into 4 players personally and I would try and get them with bids before the 2% extra commission come in by the end of July. Depends on your risk tolerance but 2-4 players would be my recommendation.

  • As mentioned above all personal preference. Ive got a £2000 port and like having a consistent dividend stream but also diverse port so I can try and win as much div as possible (the part I find the most enjoyable). Ive got 10-20 shares in a lot of the high end and then 20+ shares in lower market players I like

  • @Tom7471 Yeah I agree on getting in before the 2%. Might convert some profit and condense the portfolio slightly

  • @FINorth Yeah this is it. My original intention was to enjoy having a decent shot at PB on most match days, made it enjoyable. But the Bundesliga pb holds have regressed even when winning PB so it has put me off a bit, maybe time for a change in tactics. I still think most pb holds are good holds long term but FOMO seems to govern everything at the moment!

  • @FootyIndexerLT said in Best way to distribute a 10k portfolio - number of shares in MB/PB/Cap App?:

    50 shares often doesn't feel like enough?

    I think almost everyone feels like that from time to time. I have holds of 500 or 1000 in quite a few players and even that doesn't feel enough sometimes!

  • @FootyIndexerLT

    As already stated everyone trades differently, with different risk appetites etc. No right or wrong answer to this question.

    My personal preference is a portfolio of 30 players (although currently 50!). Going big on 5 hybrid PB/MB premium players with roughly 10% in each making up 50% of my portfolio. Then 25 PB, MB, CA hopefuls with roughly 2% in each.

    That is my sweet spot but currently I am failing to follow my own advice.

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