🚨GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT🚨 FI CEO & CTO joining the podcast

  • Very excited for this week......I’ll be joined on the #FigCast by:

    • @FootballIndex Founder & CEO @AdamColeFI 👑
    • @FootballIndex CTO Akash Gharu 💻

    Questions/topics below please! 🙏👇


  • Very interesting stuff FIG well done, where do we start lol firstly what day is this happening?

  • Is there any order of priority in relation to the items discussed during the Q & A? For example, Sell orders, IPO system, MB review and PB matrix review

  • Fig can you ask if any plans to reinvigorate bottom of end of market which even with decent poss Pb winners is totally stagnant .

  • There have been a lot of anger regarding how EDDs/DDs are handled. Can you ask AC if FI will be moving to only allowing an account to be opened after an EDD has been completed? This will bring them in line with stock/currencies/crypto exchanges.

  • @The-FIG When can we listen to this?

  • Have we got a phase 2/3 rough timescale/date to be expected?

  • My main questions:

    1. When can we expect sell orders?
    2. Why has tiered PB categorically been ruled out? Even with access to the best stats sites, winning on a gold day needs a big slice of luck. Tiered PB would add value to more players.
    3. What are the thoughts around goalkeepers finally getting their own category? I joined 2 years ago and it didn't make sense they were lumped in with defenders then. It still doesn't make sense now. A GK specific category will also make more players tradeable. Payouts could be relative to other positions, i.e. 1p on a bronze day.

  • My question is a simple two-parter FIG mate ...

    Why is the PB matrix being reviewed when it was only changed last year?
    And can Adam guarantee it won't be changed again for at least 2 seasons at a time?

    It's affecting confidence in investing any more in FI if we keep having the rug pulled out from under us.


  • Can you ask Mr Cole to send me a Football Index Hoodie?


  • @The-FIG

    When is this taking place?

  • Who chooses the questions asked?
    @The-FIG or Adam Cole?

  • How does AC justify doubling their commission from 2% to 4% whilst also removing IS? Platform growth is driven by buyers (who are already sellers in waiting), taxing them 2% on purchases reduces their demand impact, restricts market growth & damages everyone, it would only be proposed by an economic illiterate, can AC consider reversing this madness?

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  • @The-FIG good night mate

  • @The-FIG I don't really have a specific question, but would be interested in you asking them about Market Makers. Anything covering the following would be great; Are they in the market now? What role do FI want them to take in the market? What % of the market do FI see them occupying? What is their relation to FI and what are they able to do that 'regular' traders cannot? Do FI see them plugging liquidity gaps lower down the market, now IS is no longer provided by themselves?


  • @Keegans-Bluff
    Great non specific question. 😁
    Transparency and better communication could resolve the majority of worries on the Index.
    Perhaps an insight into when sell orders will be introduced too.

  • @Dav said in 🚨GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT🚨 FI CEO & CTO joining the podcast:

    @The-FIG good night mate

    Jessica Ennis................. Goodnight

    you too Dav

  • @The-FIG
    Dear Mr cole,

    Can you please stop us all pooping our pants and install confidence in the market aswel as stability by clarifying this now in regards to the pb matrix review; Are we likely looking at no change/small tweaks or are you really considering whole sale changes that turn the matrix on its head and effectively completely move the goal posts of the traders original bet which was placed for 3 years?


  • Dear Mr Cole.

    Could you do something about those pesky wing backs pinching dividends all the time.
    I propose 0 points for crosses, -10pts if your shirt number is a '2' or '3' or '66' especially '66' and -50pts if people refer to you by your initials.

    Yours sincerely.


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