How's The Matching Engine' Treating You?(Poll)

  • Interested to gauge how folk are finding the Matching Engine'. Market selling was always a concern for some at the start but it'd be interesting to see if this has been bore out. Bidding is great and I've picked up some decent buys but I'm finding it hit and miss. There's still certainly a place for me to buy at Market price if I want to get on a player fast. Interested to hear others thoughts.2 votes

  • Good poll. I voted for two things (finding it hard to Market Sell at all) and (only 0-30% success on Market Bids).

    To be fair I’ve not used the bidding system a great deal but when I have I’ve found it very hit and miss and on most occasions I’ve only been successfull if I bid the same or slightly over the IS price. Which is annoying when you hear so many getting bids under the IS price.

  • 2 out of 4 players I'm trying to sell shares I've managed to market sell. One I'd attribute to a goal being scored and the other down transfer speculation. The other 2 haven't moved as yet but I'm hopeful.

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