Ligue 1 - Buy Now to Avoid the Rush 😉

  • Hello all, how are you doing? How has trading been going? This week is the week! There is so much football heading our way. Exciting times! Looking a bit further ahead Ligue 1 gets going again at the end of August. I think it's the perfect time to start thinking about who you might want to be dabbling in from a PB perspective in Lige 1. That's why I have just dropped this blog post below. Have a read and let me know what you think!

  • Another great read - its making me think about scrapping some funds together and dropping some bids in this week.

    Quick question, what are your thoughts on Cornet? currently own around 100 not sure to hold or look to sell?

  • Good stuff @FIGenesis. Thoroughly enjoyable.

  • My port is concentrated on PL/BL/La Liga and Serie A this month and onward. I have 100 Aouchiche however, and I agree with you that he'll be getting first team football one way or another.

  • Brilliant insight and a great prompt to learn from one or two Bundesliga mistakes on my behalf.

  • Own more of these than I thought!! (Neymar, Atal, Caci, Thauvin, Raphinha, Jeff Adelaide) and also a few other French league players I think may have value later (Sarabia with game time, Sanson with transfer links).

    Holding patiently for a while since football stopped, hoping French league players pick back up soon!

  • Dubois, Santamaria and Thill I’ve got. Fingers crossed!

  • Another great read! Are you French @FIGenesis or just an avid fan of French football?

    I’ve got a few of these already, and like the post above I’m also tempted to get some bids in for the ones I don’t!

  • Cheers fully immersive content as always mate.
    @FIGenesis .
    🤞For Teji S and Dubois and tait I just worry that everyone is going just for the shiny fashion youngsters or who's in at the moment now with the ME , so I'm going to see how the dust settles before buying cheaper players again.
    I saw EJ buying quite a few T. Savanier last month so if he's got money in him I'm keeping hold.

    What are your thoughts on Djiku at Strasbourg I hold?

  • @FIGenesis

    Another excellent article which shows there is more to the football index world than the EPL bubble.

    You don't get the credit you deserve for regularly producing balanced and informative pieces.

    Keep up the good work mate. 👍

  • @Wolvesfan1980 Hey bud, thanks for reading. I think Cornet may well be on the chopping block this summer along with Traore. However, if he does stay he has genuine peak PB ability in Ligue 1 when he does play.

  • @Timothee-Atouba Thanks bud. Thanks for reading!

  • @Londoner Fingers crossed. In fact I cannot see any other result really. He will join the team (or stay with the team) that offers him the most game time.....and maybe the largest signing bonus!

  • @Harford-is-God Thanks for reading! Glad it was helpful.

  • @Neil2265 Patience pretty much always pays on the Index!

  • @PaulM Pretty sure that, if they all perform to their potential next season, you'll be seeing 50% ROI minimum.

  • @FIGenesis

    You are the sort of optimist that I like!

    I’m down here in sub £1 world whilst everybody is scare mongering but I’ve bought players for fundamental/researched reasons. I believe there’s real value down here and as these player’s prices rise they’ll take their IS up with them and narrow these spreads that people are complaining about. They won’t all come off but fingers crossed some will. I just need lots of new traders who like me seek the alternative!

    If Moses Simon can fire Nantes (My team) into Europe (!) and the likes of Santos, Amian, Solet, Hunou, Cozza, Ninga and Toure (Another Nantes man) deliver then I’ll be happy. Sorry, shamelessly listing my entire French holds. It appears that I’ve bought half of Ligue 1!

    Ninga, one hat-trick as sub and a solitary goal for the mighty Chad possibly my most optimistic punt there!

  • dont usually bother with the French league but with the season ending early and loss of tv revenue for the remainder of the season, apparently Bein sports have asked for this to be repaid, i think a lot of teams will be looking to sell players so this league and others in the same situation will be where other leagues will go shopping for some bargains.

    Lyon in particular will be interesting as they have missed out on European football next season due to the way in which the season was terminated

  • @FIGenesis

    Genesis, what is your opinion of Keita Balde, Samuel Grandsir and Adams Noss Traore?

    Hold about 400 of all 3 and bought before the french league decided to end the season early. About level in terms of buy price but the spreads are terrible so will hold. Do you advise topping up on any or to sell when the price is right?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Another great article. Do you ever do an average article?

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