My Portfolio

  • I joined 27th March and have bought and sold a couple of players. I have now invested all I can for now and this is what my portfolio looks like

    4 futures in Kieran Tierney
    3 in Neuer
    2 in Tarkowski
    These were my first purchases and I didn't really know what I was doing.
    I have 10 futures in each of the following - De Ligt, Goretzka, Issa Diop, Bamba, Dendoncker, Balotelli, Dani Garcia, Pavard, Pjaca, Terrier, Harit, Isco and Jonny Evans.
    I've decided to spread my cash to avoid having all my eggs in one basket.
    I would appreciate any feedback, good or bad on what I have invested in.
    I'm hopefull I can make money during the transfer merry go round.

  • Without looking into them all individually they all seem good shouts. I've had or currently have a good few of them. Tierney not have u some profit? He's been linked to Man U recently. And Tarkowski also?

  • @John-Renwick
    No those two are actually in the red.
    I'm sure they will come up again tho.
    What players of mine do you have?

  • @Comrade You must have bought after the transfer rumours then. I've already had and sold Bamba for a 29% ROI, same with De Ligt (7% ROI) and I currently have Pavard (up 3% currently) and Garcia (up 18% currently) I feel there's more growth in Garcia and Pavard so I'll hold them longer. Pavard if he goes to a big team then he might even be a possible PB player.

  • @John-Renwick
    Bought Tarkowski at 99p and he is down 4p
    Tierney down 1p from his purchase price
    United sending a scout to the match on Sunday to watch Tierney but I hope he has a howler and Rangers destroy them 😃

  • @Comrade Tarkowski will go above £1 if he gets more transfer rumours and/or makes the world cup squad. So you might b fine there. Tierney, more transfer rumours and u can turn a profit, but I wouldn't expect him to leave as he's a diehard Celtic fan.

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