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  • As the combined scouting and football watching power of the forum probably matches most premiership clubs I thought I'd ask the question;

    Which current championship player will be worth the most this time next year?

    Sessignon currently heading the list with Neves catching him fast, Madison has lots of transfer rumours to some big clubs. Arguably all over priced at the moment for current dividend potential but the prices show some real excitement about them. Intetested to hear some opinions.

  • James Maddison will be a premier league star, links to Spurs, scores absolute belters and he's English. Don't hold because I keep thinking he'll stop rising but he just keeps going! I'm from Coventry so I'm happy to see him doing so well.

    Neves is just unreal, a really classy goal scoring midfielder, links to United and WC with Portugal. Came off the bench against USA and Saudi in November, started against Egypt next month. Hes way way way too good for the Championship.

    Jota - not seen too much of him tbh but as the only other wolves player on the index he's on the rise. Can't see him reaching the heights of the two above but still some mileage in him.

    Sessegnon - can't believe the price of him and gutted I never got on. If Fulham don't get promoted he'll get a big move. If they do then who knows if he'll get the move or not

    Grealish - great talent, seems to be maturing and a key player in Villa push for promotion. Has his issues, due to such a meteoric rise at 16 imo. Will he move in the summer? No idea.

    Can't think of any more worth talking about off the top of my head. Oh wait - Mitrovic! He was so prolific at Anderlecht, stifled at Newcastle and revitalised at Fulham. Media darling and I hope he doesn't end up back at Newcastle.

  • @Pierrey2129 I wonder what would be best for Sessignon's Price? Fulham going up or the move to a big club?

  • If sessegnon moves to a top club, gets game time and an England call up I'll say him... That's my guess. Only cos I don't think Neves will move and he's a def midfielder.

  • Bobby Reid is having a good season for Bristol City.
    Scored 18 goals and strongly linked to the PL with teams like Bournemouth and Leicester interested.
    Not got myself yet as waiting for my portfolio to turn green again.

  • @Lizzle not gonna be worth the most at Leicester or Bournemouth tho is he?

  • @Lizzle Probably find a level close to Tammy Abraham at best. Same record at the same club but Tammy has the benefit of actually belonging to a big club already. I still have hope for Tammy as a potential England international but even he is £2 less than Sess's current price!

    Reid might not be a bad player to keep an eye on though.

  • @Ozzlebert - has to be the big move for me. Fulham fans seem to this he'll stay if they go up and leave if they don't. Obviously that shouldn't be taken as an absolu certainty but I've been watching them creep up through the play off places and into second place with some interest!

  • Mark my words, David brooks is going to be class in the PL one day. Breaks my heart that it is probably not going to be with SUFC.

  • It's all about Maddison, but I would say that as a Norwich fan. We would've been relegated this season if not for him.

    I'm just annoyed I sold half my holdings in him at a 25% ROI, my remaining are now sat closer to 40%. Been waiting for a drop to buy back in but doesn't look like that's happening!! Will have to wait until after his move this summer

  • Is he definitely going to move?

  • If the current Mb crash is'nt a big enough wake up call to pay ridiculously over the true value of worthless players thats no more than gambling I dont thinking apost justifying it in the world can help justify where you went wrong. The market of late has been ridiculous its about time prices for a reality check, anyone that thinks justifying paying as much for a player not even in the top 5 and is not guaranteed or proven needs to give there head a shake, but dont worry, am sure they will be the next £10 player so your all good lol

  • @SMacFI have you got a template for this? You must be bored of typing out the same thing again and again.

  • @Stevo Haha nah, just like winding people up

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