User interface and notifications

  • I am fairly new to this n very much a novice but does anybody think You should be able to make sub portfolios like premium holds, euro 2021, cheap punts. Etc so you can hopefully have a range of ports with different profits/losses and different percents of your money invested. As somebody new I think this would be good for people new to the site And I am sure it would be pretty easy to do. Also a decent Notification Center to get notifications sent to you phone when you had a bid matched or sold a player etc

    These might seem little but anything to make the app more enjoyable and easier for newbies and keep them coming back and buying players is what we all want

  • @2006eyo nice idea! There has been the odd discussion about that sort of idea in the past. I think FI probably dont see it in their best interest to help traders keep organised ports as they prefer we are all buying and selling like idiots to rake in commission also they have bigger fish to fry.
    Your best bet is making your own spreadsheets

  • @2006eyo Great idea, I’d love if they implemented this. It would be nice to be able to track different funds on the platform rather than on a separate spreadsheet but it doesn’t seem to be on the agenda.

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