• What are people’s thoughts on Hudson-Odoi? Still 19 and English but probably dropped down the pecking order at Chelsea a bit due to injury and transfers. If he can get a good run in the team and stays fit what price could he hit? He’s £1.50 off his peak so I feel like there’s value there, especially looking at players around his age/price who have had rises recently like havertz, greenwood etc.

  • @Dabi10 the jury's out, literally!😂
    Depends if he is convicted as a rapist or not and even if he is'nt how the whole situation affects him and others outlook on him considering he wasnt really living up to expectations before the allegations. Also far more competition with Werner and Ziyech now and anyone else Chelsea might buy.
    Apart from that he looks a great purchase🙈😂

  • @Dabi10 cheap for sure. But he’s cheap for a reason- the risk outweighs the reward. If he gets convicted of rape you will lose your whole stake. Almost certainly won’t, but better to wait and see the outcome.

  • @Dabi10

    Was the index darling about 18 months ago, similar to Sancho now, but injury followed by loss of form/focus & now extracurricular activities means even him staying at Chelsea or in EPL now look doubtful, might get lucky & be sent out on loan in an attempt to get his career back on track or might go down the Ravel Morrison route of wasted talent. Either way all the talk of King of the index or England's brightest talent look very distant memories now.

    Given all the above his risk to reward ratio would indicate a price of <£1 before he started to look a value punt IMO.

  • Just one of the many youth prospects who gets overhyped on FI and then fails to deliver.

    It's still possible that he could make it as a top professional, but given that he's probably already a multi-millionaire for doing very little, I wouldn't hold my breath.

  • Even without the possible rape conviction I still wouldn't purchase. Werner, Ziyech and Pulisic will all be ahead of him. With England Sancho, Sterling and Rashford will be ahead of him. Only time will tell with this one.

  • @Splurger_Dan I’m in 2 minds about his likelihood of game time. Obviously at the moment he hasn’t really got much chance with recent transfers but on the other hand he has probably one of the best managers for giving youth a chance in the first team so I feel he’ll be given a chance at some point. Signed a new 5 year contract in September so he must be rated at Chelsea no?

  • @Dabi10 if it was me I would not touch with a barge poll. Have you not read all the replys? He's on a rape charge currently, if convicted you will loose your whole stake. He's hardly a cheap punt at over £3 aswel, the only reason his price hasn't hit the floor is because it's currently not able to go lower than it was since ME came in.

  • @Dabi10 probably wouldn't recommend buying now due to the rape case. Would fall in the very risky camp.

    Ironically, I do hold and will continue to do so. If he's found guilty, I'll have to take it on the chin. But if he's not, I think he looks like the real deal. If he keeps his head down, I think England have got a gem on their hands. Big if though.

  • @Dabi10

    He is rated at Chelsea and Lampard said last season he was going to keep the faith in him however, the issue with him seems to be mental from the injury and it seems to be like he does not trust his body like he did so he is not the player he was pre injury.

    IMO the Werner signing will protect CHO, give him the time to get his head right without having the pressure of being the talented kid coming through. Chelsea have Anjorin or Gilmour who is likely to feel the role of promising talent you look to. He is no longer the poster boy of the Chelsea Academy either which will again take the pressure of him.

    The trouble with the issue being mental is we have no way or knowing what or when or if will help it get past it. We also have the Legal situation which again is another reason he will be protected ( provided he has done nothing wrong ofc).

    Personally i wouldn't touch him just yet, wait see how things play out. IF the right signs come out during preseason for next season then i would perhaps look at him as he will likely get the hype back quickly with a few of the performances like he had pre injury. The risk is he may never be the player he was looking like he could be because of the injury.

  • @ocs123 he has hardly failed, had bad luck with injuries but showed his talent. If he gets cleared of the rape and put in a consistent run he will probably make the euros then you are looking at £7-£8

  • @NewUser384837

    Yes, if all of those things happen, he could be £7 or £8. But there's lots of "ifs".

  • Looks like no further action will be taken by the police.

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