• Looks to have done his ligaments in

  • Is that why his spread is 70p? I am tempted

  • @Moukoko sorry, 50p

  • @Moukoko looks like it’s his cruciates again, don’t hold me on it

  • Pity if this is true, I reckon his PB move was happening this summer for sure. Only hold just over 100 tho so I'll probably keep picking him up via the ME at reduced prices until the next window

  • It’s a real pity as it looked liked he was finally nailed on for a move.

    I hold Nuno Tavares though so fingers crossed be gets some game time off the back of this.

  • My 4th biggest hold! .. Back in the day his price would have tumbled... Yet just down a penny or so? ... But the IS has tumbled... Fake footie. Fake port values.

    Il list n see if anyone pays market price but of course they won't.

    Give it a week in case there are nutters out there, but then il be topping up over the recovery period. Dig deeper and bring av cost down end up with a big hold of what looked to be a PB player if he moved club. He's young enough to come through this, but it's going to be a while for a transfer now if it is confirmed cruciate...downside is tieing your money up in an ever more so shorter term based glory platform- "opportunity cost" was a buzz phrase for a while with the twitter hipsters til a few of us on here called it nonsense... But they'd be saying it now back in the old days.

    Sometimes we see money head towards injuries as its a safe bet. Will be interesting to see how it goes.

  • As soon as I saw this thread I checked his IS price and was at lowest offer point possible at 0.69. Did anyone get orders through at this point?

    Think this will be a new normal that any injuries will see the full 60 per cent price drop. The braver money could be most profitable. Imagine if Coman goes down multiple times a season - you could really trim your average buy.

    But agree the market buy orders have pretty much made our portfolio values redundant. And true market principles of a player been worth what someone else will pay for it (unless in demand at whatever time)

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