IPDs:How Do You Feel About Them?(Poll)

  • Reading between the lines of the survey the future of IPDs could be on the line. How so does this sit with you? All Thoughts Welcome.

  • Think they should get rid of pb and mb too... Now all our money is locked in. After all, on this forum we worry first about FI health before our own

  • @Vespasian32 said in IPDs:How Do You Feel About Them?(Poll):

    Think they should get rid of pb and mb too... Now all our money is locked in. After all, on this forum we worry first about FI health before our own

    Not sure this answers his question

  • @Vespasian32 I don't feel locked in as much as 2 weeks ago. Could be a poll though. I'm definitely seeing alot more movement with football starting to resume

  • I like IPDs for the lower end of the market. Something is definitely needed there. I suggested a permanent super match day numberwang type thing like before. Thought that was a decent idea.

  • Not a massive fan of IPD's but think it's pretty important they stay as they add value to sectors of the market which otherwise wouldn't have a lot of real value, and with the concerns over the ME causing a lot of cash to be trapped in undesirable players I think removing IPD's seems counter intuitive at this time. Cant think why anybody would vote to remove a win mechanism

  • I agree IPDs are the only thing that bring value to many at the bottom end however now IS has been removed has IPD trading not become that little bit more challenging.

  • Like them, keep them but not used them as part of any of my strategies yet.

  • I’d rather see it going into a team of the month. I do actually agree with @MickTurbo in a way but without the guaranteed narrow spread IS getting in and out trading for IPD’s just doesn’t seem all that achievable. Not enough liquidity.

  • I voted for putting them into PB. What this platform needs to do is create a bit more of a buzz on match days, particularly when you have two gold days in a row (aka loads of footballers playing) and there are only 6 players that are going to walk away with any match day divs. Sometimes my players are playing in a late kick off and I already know that barring something exceptional there is no chance of divs.

    I think more needs to be done to create more of a spark on gold days. IPDs do that, so I wouldn't want to see them placed and then FI bump up the existing PB places. There needs to be tiered PB on these days to really get people more excited and getting that buzz. I also wouldn't mind seeing IPDs used for a new user's first month on the Index either to try and get them hooked in as well as a bit of a safety net in case they make bad purchases.

  • It suits the lower end of the market but with cash out gone the risk has just increased massively. In a 3 year bet your timing of a purchase will not be influenced by maximising the IPD period in its current form unless the reward changes.

  • I voted to put the IPD money into a category for GKs. If IPDs are to stay, it has to last for 2 months or 3, to keep the lower market relevant.

  • @Dalian-Smith I've always liked the idea of IPDs and hope they remain. It does worry me why they're asking about it but think it will be stay.

  • IPDs can eat into the cost of a cheap player significantly. If people are worried about the lower end of the market then they should be if IPDs are going. Traders holding low end players need others to buy for IPD (Amongst other factors) to provide selling spike. You don’t buy a player for IPD but it can cover costs at the bottom end.

    The rich will get richer and the poor get poorer. By that I mean the players... so therefore the traders as well I guess. What is fun about every trader having to have the same strategy? Buy the top ten, walk away, get media divs, prices rise. Fine but they may as well only have the Top 200 on the Index and forget the rest. It’s a crucial tactic for adding a little value to a purchase. If all we’re playing for is once in a blue moon PB then I want my money back.

    All the effort I’ve put in researching God knows who at the foot of Ligue 1 etc. I should’ve just bought the top ten and come back in two and a half years!

  • They were a nice addition for the first month/30 days after a purchase.

    The days of buying a 40p keeper because he has 5 games in the month seem to be gone.
    Probability suggests that you'll be lucky if there's a reasonable offer in for when you want to get out.

    I was under the impression that a lot of traders did this to add interest to FI.

    That's a lot of trading that won't be happening now.

  • I went for, I like IPDs and I hope they stay. I don’t really buy players with IPDs specifically in mind but they are an added bonus. I feel they are great for the platform as they encourage more trading which can only be good for us all.

  • They have to stay. I personally don't play them as my main strategy, but it must surely be those from the gambling side of the traders here a very important part.

    Even longer term players may like a flutter occasionally and it must be a good source of income for FI with the trading that takes place.

    Yep...My conclusion IPD's have to stay.

  • I would rather the money be diverted to PB to provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd Places on Gold days and 1st and 2nd on Silver days.

    This will give cheaper players more opportunity to win dividends over a longer period than 30 days (3 years).

    Then with the introduction of sell orders there would be more liquidity and it might kick start this end of the market.

  • Keep IPDs. Even long term traders need to pick their entry and exit points. IPDs help keep the Market liquid.

  • Anything that rewards football is a much needed part of FI for me.

    I'd like to see them ideally increase the payout for IPD and PB.

    In an ideal world that would be possible without lowering MB, but if they had to lower MB, in order to boot the payouts for football actions, I'd be more than happy with that. Providing of course, they give everyone suitable notice of the change.

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