How do prices fall?

  • Don’t know if this has been asked before or I’m just being stupid but now there’s no instant sell how can a players price drop now other than when someone lists a player? Every time you sell a player, however you do it, the shares are bought by another person aren’t they? Doesn’t this mean a players price can’t drop in price or is it done off average buy price?

  • @Dabi10 not an expert but I think I've seen FI claim to have some proprietary algorithm to determine demand and therefore price. Would suspect price is largely driven by market sales and market listing still but I could be off the mark

  • @Dabi10 prices fall when shares are listed (and used to be when IS’d), depending on the price of the player depends on how many drop a player 1p.

    It’s in between 600-900 (high to low)

    Due to the ME players now don’t drop when they are sold via the IS button.

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