Matchday thread 12/6/20

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    It's all about the BL game for me with Klostermann and Sabitzer my only involvement. Hoffenheim have been pretty hit and miss since the re-start so I'm optimistic.

    Granada and Getafe might be well matched and the other game in la liga is a derby so I'm hoping RB have the easiest night

  • I have 3 RBL players: Sabitzer, Mukiele and Forsberg. So I'm hoping too that RBL clean up.

  • Sabitzer missed last week, saw some reports at the time suggesting it could be a couple of weeks missing but he did an interview on Wednesday saying he should be fine. Nice little double with Werner would be a nice start to the weekend after Ocampos win last night.

  • Ive got a bunch of Leipzig players but also Parejo in the Valencia game

  • @Black-wolf

    I hold parejo only - valencia have a really good set of remaining fixtures and I feel he can post some big PB scores as he usually does.

  • Just RBL players and Skov for me tonight, let’s see if good games result in stopping the slump in their prices.

  • I hold a couple of RBL defenders, and Werner. But my biggest hold is Cucurella at Getafe. I’m not that confident on his chances tonight, but I’m interested to see him going up against some of the RBL defenders.

  • Only got Klostermann, Parejo surely has to have a great chance of the PB double, but probably won't move in price if he does!

  • @ChazFI123

    Many people are of your opinion and time will tell.

    But look at messi, his price around £5 and projected dividend wins ... . I still see more value elsewhere . . The same money in ocampos would give more profit in two years time if one was to sell both in my opinion.

  • Klosterman and Grillitsch for me.

    Hoping RBL win comfortably and Klosterman can pick up some more divs.

    Hoffenheim have been woeful since the restart but Grillitsch did score 160 in a draw with no goals or assists so I live in hope!

  • I probably irrelevantly have the injured Poulsen as well as Forsberg. I also have Gaya at Valencia and Resemeiro/Maksimovic at Getafe. I joined just before Lockdown and have pratted about so much with my port but am hoping that actual football will bring out the best in my sub £1 tribe! Most of these guys should be in Europe/Euros or even transfer spec next season so fingers crossed for them and all my unfashionable PL picks too come next week. Hopefully my static port might start to move a little... up or down!

    Good luck folks!

  • I seem to now have half the RB Leipzig squad, with Halstenberg, Orban, Mukiele, Upamecano (suspended), Poulsen (injured) and Klosterman in that order, largest hold to smallest. Also have Parejo at Valencia. So hoping for a Halstenberg/Orban star man along with a Parejo midfield PB, also only Klosterman is IPD eligible so nice if he gets a goal or assist but would prefer he didn't nick PB off of my other, larger holds.

    This feels like a letter to Santa, I have been a very good boy during lockdown and I am deserving of 2 PB wins tonight...😁

  • @Martyn-B Is Orban slated to start? I hold him too.

  • @PrideofPools Not certain. He is in the Whoscored probable line up but not the Sofascore probable line up. He is back from injury and been getting minutes as substitute and I am hopeful he will be in for Upamecano.

  • Nkunku on the bench which opens up PB opportunities for the rest of RB Leipzig...

  • Skov on the bench and not been getting the goals and assists I was expecting from him, frustrating player for me!

  • Anyone know if Rebic's red card in the cup tonight will mean he's banned for Serie A games?

  • @FootballArgos up to last season any red cards in the Coppa Italia were NOT carried into League games. I'm pretty positive that has remained the same for this season.

  • Olmo looking the business for RBL tonight 👍

    I was prematurely celebrating his star man position, before remembering Dani f******* Parejo kicks off at 9 😂

  • ‘Kin ell the Leipzig keeper could be on for star man here

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